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4 Stylish Countertops for Your Bathroom

by | Jan 31, 2020 | Bathroom Countertops, Quartz Countertops

No home renovation project is complete without making your bathroom a little more elegant! And since your bathroom countertops won’t be exposed to the same amount of usage and heat that kitchen countertops would, you’re free to choose from a wide variety of colors and styles that wouldn’t work as well in the kitchen. The possibilities are endless! What does your dream bathroom look like?

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Elegant Colors & Patterns

Bathroom countertops are your chance to choose virtually any type of stone you want since they won’t be exposed to as much damage as in the kitchen. It comes down to your preferences, the amount of time you’re willing to dedicate to maintenance, and what matches your current restroom decor. Which of these styles speaks to you?

  1. Marble
  2. Granite
  3. Imitation stone
  4. Quartz

1) Marble

If you’re wanting luxurious marble counters for your bathroom to remodel without breaking the bank, cultured marble is the best-suited option. It’s an engineered stone made of 93% marble and 7% polyester resin and pigments, making it a durable, scratch-resistant surface. Cultured marble requires much less maintenance with its low absorption rate, making it an easy to clean surface.

Pro Tip: Cultured stone products are easier than natural marble or granite to maintain. Because they’re poured into molds, they have significantly more options than natural stone does.

2) Granite

Cultured granite products are created by blending granite-like particulate with resin, resulting in a natural-looking pattern and creating the appearance of granite. Cast in molds, cultured granite creates a variety of bathtubs, backsplashes, sinks, trim moldings, shower walls, countertops, and shower pans. It mimics the look of real stone with the added benefit of custom shape, design, and a wide selection of color choices. 

3) Imitation Stone

Choose from an extensive color palette available in an amazing variety of colors, designs, and patterns with solid surface countertops. Solid Surfaces are designed without visible seams or grout lines and can be used for powder room surfaces and bathroom vanities. A reliable imitation stone option, TruStone™,  can be fashioned into showers, shower walls, shower floors, shelves, skirts, tub decks, splashes, bathroom countertops and more. This cost-effective option provides the beauty of full-slab stone and the functionality of engineered composite.

4) Quartz

Ideal for master baths, nonporous quartz countertops resist splashes and stains with its hygienic surface. Because of this, it doesn’t require sealing annually and can still be refreshed with a quick cleaning. Quartz countertops, ranging from fine to coarse-grained, look and feel like natural stone, but with your unique and custom style. There are endless possibilities for color and design with engineered stone countertops. 

Upgrade Your Bathroom

Whether you’re looking for vanity top material or a new lining for your shower, decorating your bathroom with eye-catching stone is sure to give you breathtaking results. Better yet, the durability of stone countertops ensures that your bathroom will stay elegant for a long time to come! You’ll give yourself a nice restroom in the meantime and add value to your home in the future.

Still not sure which style and design is best for you? Join the conversation to see what types of bathroom countertops other homeowners picked.

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