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TruStone™ Applications

TruStone™ can be fashioned into virtually any product R & D Marble, Inc. makes including showers, shower walls, shower floors, shelves, skirts, tub decks, splashes, sills and bathroom countertops and more.

Enjoy your new or remodeled bathroom made with TruStone™. It will provide you with the beauty of full-slab stone and the functionality and durability of engineered composite while saving you money.

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 How It’s Made

This beautiful stone is created using a process called Photofuzion™. Photofuzion combines beautiful full-sized images of actual granite or stone with white engineered composite by using heat and pressure. This process will fuse the imagery into the gel-coated engineered composite. The resulting product provides the beauty of natural stone at a significantly lower cost, without the weight, porosity or finishing requirements. Choose from a wide variety of stunning images, designs, and shapes.

TruStone™ is impervious to:

  • Mold
  • Mildew
  • Bacteria
  • Water

The TruStone™Advantage

The benefits of TruStone™ Cultured Marble from R & D Marble, Inc. include:

  • Appearance: It looks just like granite or marble.
  • Selection: Choose from our large selection of images today.
  • Hygienic: It’s nonporous making it impervious to water, bacteria, mold, and mildew.
  • Maintenance: Like all engineered composites, it cleans easily and requires no special sealers.
  • Price: The cost of TruStone™ is a fraction of slab-style granite, marble or travertine.
  • Installation: Because it requires no special footings or engineering and it is much lighter than slabs, it can frequently be installed in your home a single day.