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2020 Bathroom Trends for Your Renovation Project

by | Jan 24, 2020 | Bathroom Countertops, Home Renovation, Shower Remodel

Bathroom trends might not have been the first thing on your mind in 2020, but they’ll be useful to know if you’re looking to start your bathroom renovation project or just add some new flair to your home. Remodeling your bathroom can be a fun project to take on with the right designs in mind and knowledgeable contractors to work with. 

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What 2020 Bathroom Renovation Trends Should You Try?

Modern bathroom trends are fun to explore and to add your own personal taste to. This year, explore new designs for your bathroom by adding the beauty of marble, softening up the room with neutral tones, and going for a minimalist approach. 

  1. Marble Beauty 
  2. Stone Tubs & Sinks
  3. Open Shower
  4. Neutral & Light Tones
  5. Minimalist Bathroom

1) Marble Beauty

The elegant simplicity of marble makes it a popular choice for bathroom decor. Better yet, cultured marble is completely nonporous, making it entirely waterproof and remarkably easy to clean. Give your bathroom countertops or shower lining an eye-catching upgrade by switching to marble!

2) Stone Tubs & Sinks

Contrasting colors or patterns are an excellent way to brighten up your bathroom. One popular design trend takes advantage of this by installing bathtubs or sinks in a contrasting type of stone to the rest of the bathroom. For instance, one homeowner might have dark granite countertops and a bright marble sink for a particularly drastic contrast, or simply different shades of a single stone for a gentler transition. Either style is sure to catch your guests’ attention and give your bathroom a bit more personality.

3) Open Shower

Most of us are used to closing a door or curtain behind us when we get in the shower. But a few homeowners are opting for something a little more daring: an open shower that often has no wall between the shower space and the rest of the bathroom. This design typically works best in a larger bathroom so the water is confined to one side without needing a barrier. At first glance, the idea may seem a bit risky. Why would you give water the chance to splash everywhere? But with the right design and strategic placement of the showerhead, an open shower is both an aesthetically appealing and plausible addition to your restroom.

Pro Tip: Line your open shower design with particularly elegant stone! With no shower curtain or door to hide them, they’re on full display to add color to your bathroom.

4) Neutral & Light Tones

Restroom colors tend to be light or neutral in tone, and recent trends have maintained this approach to design. Of course, that doesn’t mean you have to settle for solid colors or stark white on every surface. Marble is an excellent compromise to add a little color to an otherwise completely white bathroom. And of course, engineered quartz countertops can be made as light as you want! Find creative ways to use lighter colors in your bathroom design.

5) Minimalist Bathroom

For homeowners who are more concerned with simple functionality over elaborate designs, a minimalist bathroom may be a perfect choice. This approach includes the necessary elements for a working bathroom and very little else. The colors are typically very light as well, ranging from pure white to a neutral beige. This is a very modern approach to restroom design and typically works best in similarly designed modern-style homes.

A Trendy Bathroom for 2020

Bathroom design trends will always be changing as new bathroom decor, walls, and flooring styles become popular. Take some inspiration from some of the mentioned trends and see what you can come up with to create the perfect space to relax in.

For more ideas for modern bathroom designs, connect with us and browse our gallery of completed projects.

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