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5 Reasons to Renovate Your Bathroom

Does your bathroom seem a bit drab from time to time? Or is it experiencing issues with leaks and mildew due to being old? It may not seem like the most important room in the house to have to look nice, but your bathroom could bring great benefits from a renovation. 

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When is a good time to renovate your bathroom?

A new and improved bathroom can increase the property value of a home. While you don’t necessarily need a reason to renovate your bathroom, here are some factors to consider that may help you in the decision process. 

  1. Expanding a Bathroom
  2. ADA/Handicap Access
  3. Creating Storage & Utility
  4. Cosmetic changes
  5. Just Because You Want to

5 reasons to renovate your bathroom r&d marble, inc,. montgomery, tx

1) Expanding a Bathroom

Turn a small bathroom into a larger, more accessible one. You can expand a half bathroom by adding a tub or shower or add a tub to an existing stand-alone shower. 

2) ADA/Handicap Access

An ADA/handicap accessible remodel creates a handicap-friendly bathroom for your loved ones with disabilities. Add a walk-in tub to prevent slips and falls. 

3) Creating Storage & Home Improvement

You can add extra shelves and storage spaces for keeping bathroom clutter out of the way. You might also want to add a walk-in shower for convenience purposes. 

4) Cosmetic Changes

Your bathroom might simply be outdated in terms of its’ style and need to be refreshed by a modern touch. Cultured granite is durable and customizable, giving your tub or shower a variety of options for a new look. 

Pro Tip: Not only do cast polymer products look great, but they are also non-porous making them less vulnerable to staining. 

5) Just Because You Want To

With so many beautiful stone options to choose from, it’s hard to resist wanting to add customized countertops to your bathroom. 

A Facelift for Your Bathroom

When it comes to renovating your bathroom to your ideal design, hiring professionals is the best way to go for remodeling jobs. Connect with R&D Marble to request a free estimate. 

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