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5 of the Most Popular Quartz Countertop Brands

by | Feb 2, 2024 | Quartz Countertops

Elevate your kitchen or bathroom aesthetic with the allure of popular quartz countertop brands. Discover the transformative power of these quality surfaces and see how they can redefine your space. At R&D Marble, we offer a wide variety of popular choices when it comes to premium engineered stone brands

What are the most sought-after quartz countertops? 

Renowned quartz countertop manufacturers such as Vicostone, Silestone, and Cambria stand out. With impeccable quality, diverse designs, and durability, these brands captivate those seeking premium engineered stone surfaces. Transform your space with the timeless elegance offered by these top-tier options.

  1. Cambria
  2. Dekton
  3. Silestone 
  4. Viatera
  5. Vicostone

1) Cambria

Cambria quartz stands as a paragon among the finest countertop makers globally. They offer a spectrum of designs that redefine spaces with distinctive styles. From kitchen countertops to bathroom vanities, their colors and patterns create an aesthetic masterpiece. 

The Cambria Difference is evident in their innovative design and white-glove service. They offer a transferrable Full Lifetime Warranty and a legacy of American craftsmanship. Explore their inspired designs, plan your project with confidence, and experience the extraordinary.

2) Dekton

Dekton emerges as the epitome of technological advancement in stone countertop materials. Decoded and upgraded through exclusive TSP technology, it comprises a blend of over 20 minerals extracted from nature. Its ultra-compact nature happens through generating 25,000 tons of uniform pressure. 

The result is a flawless surface with almost null porosity. Beyond its impeccable beauty, Dekton stands out for its versatility. It’s ideal for diverse applications, even in challenging conditions like facades and floors. 

Their collections showcase the perfect synergy of beauty, strength, and utility. They embrace sustainability, being the only Cradle-to-Grave carbon-neutral surface in the market. This commitment extends to offsetting 100% of CO2 emissions throughout its life cycle. This further reinforces Dekton’s position as a leader in innovative and eco-conscious design.

3) Silestone 

Silestone® stands as a leading brand of quartz for over three decades, revolutionizing home surfaces. The introduction of Hybriq+® technology in 2020 marked a pivotal moment in its journey. It reduces crystalline silica content and creates a new category: Mineral Hybriq® Surfaces. This innovation ensures sustainability, blending premium minerals with recycled materials. 

Each Silestone® color now features a Q10+ or Q40+ label. These indicate the maximum percentage of crystalline silica. Certified by prestigious international organizations, Hybriq+® technology maintains Silestone’s® high standards in performance. 

Health and safety are ingrained in Silestone’s DNA. Its transformative impact on interior design continues to inspire as it evolves. It invites individuals to be their own best designers and create transformative spaces.

4) Viatera

Viatera is a testament to the idea that countertops are where life’s moments unfold. They withstand the demands of daily life and the rigors of commercial applications. With an array of colors and styles, Viatera crafts spaces that mirror the beauty and wonder of life. 

Their featured collections showcase the diversity of design inspirations, offering durability with elegance. Crafted with up to 93% quartz, Viatera ensures strength, low maintenance, and hygienic surfaces free from bacteria. It’s sustainable with NSF and Greenguard certifications supported by a 15-year limited warranty. Viatera is a perfect choice for those seeking enduring beauty in their kitchen and bath countertops.

5) Vicostone

Vicostone quartz stands at the forefront of quartz design innovation. With a dedicated research and development team, they introduce the most cutting-edge designs in the industry. The Exotic Collection offers an endless charm, promising luxurious and regal satisfaction. Their Natural Collection brings dynamic granite and elegant marble effects, creating sublime impressions. For those seeking elegance, the Classic Collection harmonizes rock-inspired themes for traditional projects. 

This engineered stone ensures not just aesthetic appeal but also practicality. It boasts scratch and stain resistance, easy maintenance, and impressive designs. This stone makes kitchens shine, bathrooms charming, and commercial spaces durable. With over 100 designs catering to every style, Vicostone’s rich color palette inspires creative flair.

Revamp Your Kitchen or Bathroom with Quartz

Revitalize your kitchen or bathroom with the most popular quartz countertop brands. With quartz, embrace easy maintenance and designs that make your spaces shine. When you elevate your home with beautiful engineered stone you receive a lasting investment in quality. 

Connect with us today to discover the right engineered stone surfaces for your renovation.

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