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R&D Marble Reviews

All to often customers and vendors only interact during initial contact and to complain when something went wrong. I would like to change that.

On Tuesday, 3/21/2017, R & D Marble sent Nick out to our house to finish up our installation by adding the towel bar that was omitted in the original installation. I was at work when you called and asked that I be called when Nick got close so I could meet him at the house.

As promised, Nick did call when he was at the Sam Houston Statue and we both arrived at my home at the same time. Nick introduced himself and immediately gathered his tools and went right to work. We discussed the placement of the towel bar and the chip repair. He was confident he could do something about the chips and input on the towel bar placement was welcomed.

Upon Completion, I was very pleased with the towel bar and Nick did a great job with the chip repair.

Sandra and I are very happy with the job that R & D Marble did for us and we would recommend your company to friends and family. Many companies today do not put stock in their customers. Attitudes are if you don’t like it, go somewhere else. R & D Marble is obviously not one of those companies. Kudos to you, the staff and owners of R & D marble, a first class operation.

Bob and Sandra

Huntsville, TX

Our “new” kitchen with granite countertop, cooktop and sink turned out great!! We love it!! The overall look is fabulous. Thank you for sending your crew back out to move the countertop back an inch … it made a HUGE difference and looks so much better. R & D did an excellent job and the communication and customer service was great. I would not hesitate to recommend you to other people at all. Thuy R

We love our new kitchen island, thanks so much!! Suzanne R.

Below are the before and after pictures of our new kitchen. We love the granite tops!! They sparkle and look like precious gems! You all did a great job and we tell everyone how happy we are with R & D Marble!! Thanks so much!! Cathie L.