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4 Benefits of Cultured Stone Countertops

by | Dec 6, 2019 | Bathroom Countertops

Stone countertops or tub linings are beautiful additions to any home and add a certain amount of value. However, not every homeowner can afford natural stone, and not everyone wants to dedicate the time necessary for maintaining their new additions. Certain stones aren’t recommended for use in the bathroom either because of their porous nature. Fortunately, there’s an alternative.

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A Gorgeous Bathroom

Cultured stone, created by mixing ground stone fragments with resin to form a smooth surface, was designed to allow homeowners to decorate their bathrooms with the same natural stone patterns used elsewhere in their homes. While cultured stone isn’t recommended for use in the kitchen, it’s the perfect addition to any bathroom! Here are the four main advantages of cultured stone materials:

  1. Nonporous
  2. Easily moldable
  3. Fully customizable
  4. Low maintenance

4 Advantages of Cultured Stone Countertops Rd Marble Conroe Tx

1) Nonporous

Solid surfacing is perfect for bathroom renovations, suitable for vanities, tubs, and showers with its’ beauty and durability. These natural stone slabs will provide you with the beauty of non-porous durability, engineered to save homeowners money. Engineered stone countertops are formed when the ground white marble is mixed with catalyst and color; then sealed with a gel coat. The gel coat protects the surface and results in a shiny non-porous look.

2) Easily Moldable

The crushed stone used in this countertop material is easily manipulated into the desired shape and square foot available. Cultured stone products can be used as kitchen countertops for a personalized wet bar or island counter. Use this product to be molded into virtually anything from window sills to bathtubs–creating a serene space in your bathroom. 

3) Fully Customizable

There are a variety of colors ranging from neutral tones to vibrant shades. With so many colors and patterns to choose from, cultured stone marble or granite bathroom countertops are fully customizable to create the perfect rest haven in your home.

4) Low Maintenance

Your home improvement project for your bathroom should include cultured products for its low maintenance and long-lasting durability. Highly resistant to stains, and resistant to heat, cultured stone countertops are easy to clean and maintain at the end of a long work week. 

Pro Tip: Use soap and water or a mild detergent to clean your engineered stone tub, shower, and counters at least once a week. 

An Excellent Alternative to Natural Stone

While homeowners can opt for natural stone in their bathrooms, it’s not usually recommended as it requires a lot of upkeep and is vulnerable to water damage. But that doesn’t mean you have to give up the eye-catching patterns and colors of elegant stone. With cultured stone materials, you’ll get the same lovely appearance without any of the work or potential damage! Your bathroom remodeling project isn’t complete without this addition.

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