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The Magic of Cast Polymer Products for Your Bathroom Renovation

by | Sep 29, 2023 | Bathroom Countertops

If you’re planning a bathroom remodel, you may be looking for the ideal material to improve the aesthetics of your area. Cast polymer products, known as cultured stone, are increasingly well-liked among homeowners. 

In this post, we’ll examine what these extraordinary materials are, the various varieties that are available, their benefits, and their applications in bathroom renovations.

Cultured Marble: A Timeless Elegance

Ground white marble is combined with a catalyst, color, and a protective gel layer to form cultured marble, a composite polymer product. The outcome is a gorgeous, impenetrable surface with a glossy finish. A variety of bathroom fixtures, including sinks, countertops, shower walls, bathtubs, and even window sills, can be made from this distinctive material.

The non-porous quality of cultured marble, which makes it extraordinarily resistant to abrasion and stains, is one of its distinguishing characteristics. In contrast to natural marble and stone, it offers enduring beauty without requiring intensive upkeep.

Cultured Granite: The Beauty of Aggregates

Cultured granite is created using a composite method, much like cultured marble, but with a different filler. The finished product has an aggregate appearance reminiscent of what solid surface producers produce. This adaptable material, like cultured marble, may be shaped into a variety of bathroom fixtures, including sinks, countertops, shower walls, bathtubs, and more.

A clear gel coat is used to finish cultured granite, preserving its beauty for many years to come. Its longevity is increased by this protective layer, making it a great option for your bathroom makeover.

TruStone™: Unmatched Versatility

TruStone™ is a cast polymer product that stands out as a remarkably adaptable choice. Almost every bathroom item, such as showers, shower walls, shower floors, shelves, skirts, tub decks, splashes, bathroom counters, and more, can be made from it. TruStone™ provides the practicality and durability of an engineered composite in addition to the aesthetic appeal of full-slab stone. It might even reduce the cost of renovations.

Let R&D Marble Transform Your Bathroom

You can confidently use cast polymer products in your bathroom renovation project now that you have a better understanding of what they are and their amazing potential. Our team at R&D Marble is here to help you make the finest decisions in line with your bathroom’s needs and aesthetic.

For more information on the various uses of cast polymer materials in bathroom renovation projects, get in touch with us. The restoration of your ideal bathroom is only steps away!

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