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Decorating Countertops in Different Styles

by | Dec 13, 2019 | Kitchen Countertops

Your countertops add a splash of color and personality to your home! Your kitchen, one of the first rooms you see upon entering the house, is a particularly good opportunity to show off your creativity to friends and family. But why stop at just countertops? Go the extra mile with a few personalized countertop decorations to keep your kitchen interesting!

Decorating countertops is one of the easiest home decor jobs possible. Get inspired here and add a creative side to your kitchen! #RDMarble Share on X

Personalize Your Kitchen

Adding a few accessories to your kitchen countertops allows you to put the finishing touches on a kitchen customized to your preferences. Better yet, the simplest and most common countertop accessories won’t damage the finish you worked so hard to maintain! See if these ideas spark any creativity:

  1. Live plants
  2. Art or photos
  3. Kitchen tools or appliances
  4. Books
  5. Fresh fruits or veggies

1) Live Plants

Fill your empty kitchen counter space with lively greenery. Potted plants add a pop of color to any kitchen style. Adding plants to a stainless steel kitchen will make it feel more homelike while keeping its’ modern touch. If you’re not a fan of tending to live plants, fake succulents and cacti make lively kitchen decor. 

2) Art or Photos

Large kitchens can be made to feel more cozy with the placement of portraits in beautiful frames and striking canvas art. Add family photos and pictures of good memories with relatives around your quartz countertops to add your personal touch to the kitchen. If you have a beautiful frame you want to show off, add a printed picture of a quote you like to the frame as a centerpiece for your kitchen. 

3) Kitchen Tools or Appliances

Wooden cutting boards on natural stone countertops are a popular trend in the contemporary kitchen design world. Display your best utensils on a nice rack on the kitchen island. Coffee press’s and tea sets make nice decorative pieces for the kitchen.

4) Books

Books can really stand out against a variety of kitchen backsplashes. You can find old books from thrift stores and take the covers off of them, leaving you with a group of neutral-colored books as a decorative piece for your solid surface counter space. Display your favorite cookbook on a stand for guests and family to view your “menu”.

5) Fresh Fruits or Veggies

Colorful fruits look great with a subway tile backsplash for a retro look on your countertops. Baskets of green veggies add some color to white kitchens, or you can add potted herbs to the windowsill by the kitchen sink for an organic look and feel. Plus, you won’t have to look too far for your next ingredient when you’re cooking!

Pro Tip: If you store produce on your countertops, it might ripen faster than it would in the refrigerator. Use aging produce quickly and replace it with fresh produce for an ongoing, appealing look to your kitchen.

Complete Your Kitchen Space

Your brand new countertops are sure to impress, but don’t stop there! Find your style and add more decorations to make your kitchen uniquely yours. Your newly refurbished kitchen will look great and fit the rest of your home perfectly!

Connect with us to see how others decorated their own kitchens.

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