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5 Practical Uses for Leftover Granite and Quartz

by | Mar 15, 2024 | Home Renovation

Finding uses for leftover granite and quartz selects is a smart way to avoid waste and optimize investment. Using countertop installation remnants tastefully adds value and enhances aesthetics. Explore creative ways to incorporate these leftovers, ensuring nothing goes unused. Tool these ideas to seamlessly integrate leftover slab material, enhancing functionality.

What Can Leftover Stone Selects Become?

Repurpose leftover stone into various projects such as windowsills or shelving. Create backsplashes of any shape, hearth or fireplace surround, and outdoor kitchen additions. Here are 5 creative ways to use your partial stone selects:

  1. Windowsills & Frames
  2. Shelving or Ledges
  3. Backsplashes of Any Shape
  4. Hearth or Fireplace Surround
  5. Outdoor Kitchen Aesthetics

1.) Windowsills & Frames

Natural stone or engineered stone windowsills and frames offer a unique touch and visual appeal. These materials (when sealed) provide durability in areas prone to water exposure, like kitchens and showers. Strategic placement of slab sills enhances design and practicality, withstanding water spillage. In large showers, quartz materials ensure waterproofing and can even accommodate small plants for a natural vibe.

2.) Shelving or Ledges

Remnants of quartz can be used for bathroom shelving or ledges to add practicality and sophistication. Incorporating these features behind the garden tub offers luxurious storage or display space. Similarly, in shower areas, employing slab materials for shelves or top caps enhances design and durability. Leftover pieces offer a blend of luxury and class in the bathroom.

3.) Backsplashes of Any Shape

Unique backsplash designs using irregular shapes can enrich the look of any space. Smaller pieces, such as 2 1/2” high splashes can integrate with the quartz or granite countertops and protect walls from damage. Curvy granite slab backsplashes can add elegance to wet bars, elevating appeal during gatherings. Don’t be afraid to get creative to transform your space into an extraordinary one.

Granite Backsplashes of Any Shape R&D Marble

4.) Hearth or Fireplace Surround

Repurposing quartz or granite remnants for fireplace surrounds enhances space with elegance. By using leftover materials, you can minimize waste while giving your home a consistent look. Each piece adds sophistication to the fireplace area, showcasing resourcefulness and character. Incorporating these remnants into unique projects maximizes material value and visual appeal.

Granite Fireplace Surround R&D Marble

5.) Outdoor Kitchen Aesthetics

When choosing materials for outdoor kitchens, durability is key to withstand sunlight exposure. Using remnants of granite or quartz ensures both cost-effectiveness and style. Opt for dense materials like Dekton for longevity and resistance to environmental elements. With the right materials, outdoor kitchens can boast lasting beauty in challenging conditions.

Dekton Trilium Quartz Outdoor Kitchen Countertops R&D Marble

Partial Selects for Any Home Improvement Project 

There’s a myriad of uses for leftover granite and quartz selects in any project. From windowsills to outdoor countertops, these remnants can add both functionality and style. Don’t let valuable material go to waste – contact us today to inquire about our current partials. Embark on your next renovation journey with sustainability and style in mind!

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