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Transforming Your Bathroom to be Handicap Accessible

by | Jan 17, 2020 | Handicap Accessible

The process of transforming your bathroom into a handicap-accessible one can be daunting–but with the right planning and installation from trained professionals, you can have an ADA-accessible bathroom in the comfort of your own home. Adding key safety features to your bathroom and combining customized styles to suit your tastes will create a comfortable and secure environment for you and your loved ones. 

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If you or a loved one is prevented by a handicap from easily using the bathroom, it may be worth designing an ADA compliant restroom for your own home. This can make a huge difference in the safety and comfort of people with disabilities. Here’s what to expect during the transformation.

Research & Guidelines

Transforming Your Bathroom to Be Handicap Accessible, R&d Marble, Conroe, Tx

While it’s not required to follow these ADA guidelines for your personal bathroom, these recommendations are a good starting point for transforming your bathroom to be handicap accessible. American with Disabilities Act (ADA) compliance bathrooms go by the following requirements:

  • The toilet seat must be 17 to 19 inches above the floor.
  • The sink must be 34 inches off the ground with room for knees underneath.
  • Grab bars must be between 34 and 38 inches off the ground.
  • A clear floor space of at least 60 inches around the side wall and 56 inches from the rear wall to allow wheelchair access.

Knowledgeable Contractors

The right contractor will work with you through every step of the transformation process, from planning to finishing touches on installation. Be sure to review their work and ask them which handicap products they recommend for your home. 

Planning Your Design

Universal design bathrooms are a great option for your remodeling project. This guarantees access for people of all abilities, ages, and sizes. Work with your contractor to look at some universal designs and see what styles, colors, and materials suit your desired end result.

Pro Tip: A handicap-accessible bathroom doesn’t have to be boring and plain. Customize your remodeled bathroom with a wide variety of beautiful stone countertops for style and comfort.

Creating A Safe & Serene Bathroom 

Prioritize the safety and comfort of your handicapped loved ones. Providing the accommodations needed for an ADA-compliant bathroom will prevent falls and create a secure environment for those with disabilities in your home.

Looking for more ideas on bathroom renovations? Connect with us to view our work and speak with an installation expert.

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