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5 Reasons to Choose Cultured Granite for Your Shower

by | Oct 18, 2019 | Shower Remodel

Your bathroom should be the most serene place in your home. At the end of a long day or a hard work week, it’s nice to be able to unwind in the comfort of your home with a beautiful bathtub or shower. With this in mind, the material your shower is made of should be of the best quality for optimal relaxation time. 

Want a customized and durable shower that’s easy to maintain? Let’s talk about cultured granite and why you need it now. Share on X

What Makes Cultured Granite Perfect for Showers?

Cultured granite is a natural stone with promising features for your bathroom. If you’re looking for a bathroom renovation or remodel, cultured granite is an excellent option for your shower. Here are some of the great qualities that come with cultured granite:

  1. Lifetime Durability
  2. Personal Customization
  3. Easy Maintenance
  4. Affordable Luxury
  5. Handicap Accessibility

1) Lifetime Durability

It’s nice to know you can drop shampoo bottles on the floor of your shower–as we all do–over and over again without damaging the cultured stone. Being made with a durable polymer resin, cultured granite can resist every-day wear-and-tear that you would normally begin to see in a standard shower. 

2) Personal Customization 

Cultured granite adds a pleasing aesthetic to any bathtub or showers no matter the unique shapes or designs you’ve had customized. It can be made to fit any bathroom design you’re looking for in your home improvement project. 

Pro Tip: Cultured granite comes in various colors and textures! You can go with a glossy finish or a matte finished look. 

3) Easy Maintenance

There are no grout lines in cultured marble or granite surfaces because they are solid surfaces. This makes the shower bases much easier to clean thoroughly. Cultured products are made with a polyester resin mixed with stone particles and sealed with a gel finish, making it easy to wipe away residue and dirt.

4) Affordable Luxury

Cultured granite can be easily attained and can turn any restroom into a glamorous resting space. Its’ polymer resin mixture makes it more attainable and affordable compared to other stone shower surrounds. 

5) Handicap Accessibility 

Cultured granite can be made to suit any ADA accessible bathroom. Cast polymer products are cast in molds, creating a variety of backsplashes, trim moldings, shower wall panels, and shower pans.

Longlasting Relaxation 

For a bathroom that’s uniquely yours with the comfort of home, it’s smart to invest in the best quality materials for your shower. Consider the style that you want to achieve and speak with one of our installation experts to learn more about R&D Marble’s bathroom remodels!

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