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Why Your Shower Deserves Cultured Granite Lining

Have you ever walked into a well-decorated bathroom and been momentarily fascinated by how nice everything looked? Between fancy decorative items and a lovely design plan, a bathroom can be one of the most luxurious rooms in the house. And even if you’re not a gifted decorator, even a single improvement like replacing your shower walls can elevate the whole room.

Marble is the go-to bathroom stone for many people, but plenty who prefer a pop of color opt for a cultured granite shower instead. This beautiful stone offers the dark, elegant color you may want in a luxury bathroom while keeping your shower watertight and easy to clean. Best of all? Your upgrade doesn’t have to break your home renovation budget! Let’s take a closer look at why cultured granite is the perfect choice for your shower.

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Durable Materials

Natural granite is a remarkably durable stone, but since it’s a single large slab, it can crack if subjected to enough pressure. Cultured granite removes this problem by removing the single large slab. Crushed granite blended with resin creates a remarkably durable, waterproof surface that can withstand typical bathroom activities. You won’t have to worry about replacing it for years!

Simple Cleaning Requirements

Cultured granite has a smooth, polished surface that water and most staining agents cannot penetrate. Consequently, this stone is quite simple to clean. Quickly drying it off after a shower and washing it with mild soap occasionally will keep your granite shower lining sparkling and in good condition for a long time.

Pro Tip: Cultured granite showers are molded to fit your bathroom exactly. This means no grout lines to keep clean!

Luxury at an Affordable Price

Many homeowners admire the unique colors of granite, but the price tag of natural granite may scare some away. Cultured granite removes that problem! Not only do you get an easily maintained shower lining, but you also get the color and unique decor you want without paying for a solid granite slab. 

Your Brand New Shower

Granite is a remarkably unique and eye-catching stone, the perfect addition to any bathroom design that just needs a final pop of color. Get ready to impress your guests and family with a brand new shower enclosure!

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