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Applications for Different Types of Countertops

by | Oct 11, 2019 | Countertop Maintenance, Kitchen Countertops, Quartz Countertops

Researching the perfect countertop type and style for your particular home renovation project can quickly become exhausting and confusing. Any given website will show you a huge selection of countertop materials without a lot of detailed explanations about their pros and cons. As the homeowner, how can you determine which style and countertop applications are right for your needs?

Even if two countertop styles look quite similar, their makeup and finish might mean they’re designed and suited for two very different settings. If you aren’t sure which is which, you’re in the right place! Let’s take a look at the most common types of countertops and their practical applications in your home.

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Applications for Different Types of Countertops, R&d Marble, Conroe, Tx

Cast Polymer Countertops: Cultured Marble & Granite

Countertops made of cultured stone, like cultured marble or granite, are a beautiful way to add some color to a room without the high price tag or maintenance requirements of actual stone. However, this does mean you’re sacrificing some durability. Cultured stone is remarkably moisture-resistant, but doesn’t handle heat or scratching damage well. You probably won’t want to use these types of countertops in your kitchen, though their excellent moisture seal makes them a perfect choice for bathroom countertops or shower lining.

Natural Stone: Slabs of Granite & Marble

If you’re willing and able to commit to periodic maintenance and annual resealing, why not go all-out with the real thing? Natural stone countertops, consisting of custom-carved slabs of granite or marble, are the perfect choice for your kitchen countertops. Granite in particular can withstand high heat–it’s a volcanic stone, after all! Both of these breathtaking and highly durable stones make excellent countertop material.

Pro Tip: While natural stone is quite heat-resistant, it also tends to be porous. Talk with an expert before installing natural stone countertops in your bathroom.

Engineered Stone: Quartz Countertops

Love the look of natural stone, but can’t stand the tendency for moisture damage or the need for continual resealing? Why not give quartz countertops a try? Engineered stone combines the look of natural crystals and rocks with watertight, heat-resistant resin to create a remarkably durable surface with an eye-catching design. Best of all, quartz counters require little to no maintenance. Whether you’re looking for a waterproof countertop for your bathroom or a heat-resistant one for the kitchen, quartz is the perfect choice!

Solid Surface Countertops

Much like quartz, solid surface countertops are designed to withstand impact, heat, and water. Their versatile nature makes them perfect for both the kitchen and the bathroom. You can even customize the exact color and pattern of solid surface counters, a luxury not available through natural stone! Some homeowners may not like the price, however. Solid surfaces tend to cost about the same as their true stone counterparts. Considering the value and their similar durability rankings, solid surface countertops are directly comparable to engineered stone. Homeowners looking for a more natural aesthetic may prefer quartz.

Finding the Perfect Countertop Applications

As you start looking for your ideal countertops, make sure the design you like will work in the setting you’re renovating. For instance, a particular solid surface countertop may look perfect for your kitchen, but it won’t stand up to heat and heavy-duty usage without some protection. Save yourself effort and repair costs later on by understanding the correct application of each countertop type and choosing accordingly.

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