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What Happens on Countertop Installation Day?

by | Oct 9, 2020 | Bathroom Countertops, Home Renovation, Kitchen Countertops

You’ve selected and paid for brand new countertops, and now all that remains is installing them. However, bringing new countertops into your home and putting them in place amount to one of the more complex installation processes you’ll have to deal with. A lot of things happen on a countertop installation day.

Installing new countertops is a serious undertaking that requires preparation. You already know the types and sizes of the countertops you’re getting. Now all that’s left to do is make sure your home is ready and to learn what to do immediately following installation.

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Getting Ready for Installation Day

Ensure that everything in your kitchen or bathroom is in order prior to the installation of the countertop. Make sure your old countertops have been removed and disposed of or at least placed out of the way. Remove kitchen appliances and empty every floor-level cabinet to give the contractors more room to work. In the bathroom, remove any decorative items (including ones on the floor) and empty cabinets under the sink. Remember, the workers will be hauling a large slab of stone into the room–make sure it has plenty of space to avoid damaging anything.

Finally, clear the path from your front door to the installation site and cover any nearby furniture with tarps. You don’t want dust from the job to ruin your belongings.

Pro Tip: Leveling and securing the cabinets will ensure a smooth installation process. If you don’t have the right tools for that, a professional installer can help level the cabinets.

The Installation Process

Once the rooms are ready, the next step is to have the contractors visit your home to place your new stone countertops. The process should go something like this:

  • The installer will cut a hole on the quartz or granite countertops to create space for the sink and cooktop
  • After installing the new countertop, the installer will finish the backsplash. (Depending on your design choices, this may be the same material as the countertop.)
  • Once everything is complete, the installer will clean up all the dust created while cutting the countertop.

After Your New Countertops are Installed

You’ll likely be getting new sinks along with your new countertops. For best results, it’s generally recommended to wait 24 hours after countertop installation before setting up the sink. (Make sure to have a backup plan to keep your bathroom or kitchen supplied with water for those 24 hours.) Once the new sink is in place, return all your decorative items or appliances to return the room to normal.

Planning for Your Countertop Installation Date

Before countertop installation day, plan appropriately to avoid inconveniences that might arise. Keep in touch with your contractors and follow their recommendations as you prepare. The day itself and the following 24 hours may seem somewhat chaotic as the room is effectively taken apart and put back together again. However, with an expert team on the job, the result will be well worth it.

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