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Choosing Your New Granite Countertops

by | Sep 25, 2020 | Bathroom Countertops, Granite Countertops, Kitchen Countertops

Whether your old countertops are damaged or it’s just time for an upgrade, you may be eyeing some new granite countertops for your kitchen or bathroom. Granite is certainly an excellent choice! Boasting high durability, long life expectancy, and beautiful colors, granite countertops will last for decades with proper care and add an elegant atmosphere to your home.

Not all granite is created equal, however. A color or pattern perfect in your kitchen may look odd in your bathroom. And are you prepared to handle your new countertops’ maintenance requirements? Keep these elements in mind as you window shop for granite countertops.

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Matching With Your Home’s Style

The type of granite countertop you choose should perfectly match with your bathroom or kitchen decor. Find a color that complements the cabinets and general aesthetic of the room you’re renovating. Consider the size of the room as well–a smaller kitchen feels a bit bigger and brighter with light-colored granite countertops, for example. On the other hand, larger rooms feel elegant with darker stone patterns. What aesthetic are you going for?

Unique Patterns to Choose From

While granite countertops exist in various colors, they also come in multiple patterns. No two granite patterns are identical, and while this means you’ll get a completely unique kitchen, it also means that you aren’t guaranteed to get the exact pattern you want. This is particularly true if the slab you’re admiring has to be cut into multiple pieces, breaking up the pattern. Keep an eye on your room decor to ensure the pattern complements the rest of the room. Additionally, make sure to plan a detailed layout of your kitchen before choosing where all the granite slabs will be installed. This will help keep your new favorite pattern from being separated across multiple countertops.

Work With The Professionals 

With the wide variety of granite countertops available, you may find yourself struggling to make the right choice. Which color, grade, or pattern is the right choice for you? Fortunately, you don’t have to handle everything yourself. A professional consultation with a home design expert can help you narrow down the design and durability you want. The earlier your consultation takes place, the simpler the entire process will be.

Pro Tip: We offer professional design consultations to help you design your new kitchen or bathroom! Let us get your project on track.

Perfect Granite Countertops for Your Home

Granite is a versatile stone, making it easy to find a countertop that suits your taste and needs. Choose the countertops with colors and patterns that blend perfectly with your kitchen cabinets or bathroom vanity and enjoy your newly renovated home!

Contact us for more professional guidelines on how to choose granite countertops.

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