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Remodeling Your Kitchen Over the Summer

Summertime means vacation for many people. Kids are out of school and most contractors have relatively open schedules. This increased flexibility can make summer the ideal time to finally finish that kitchen remodeling project you’ve been planning for years.

A summer remodeling project lets you enjoy your new living space in time for the cooler autumn season. Why put off your kitchen remodeling project any longer? Here’s why summer is the best time to get it done.

Make good use of your free time during the summer months by giving yourself a remodeled kitchen! Here are a few reasons why summer is the perfect time for home renovations. #RDMarble #homedecor #homeimprovement Click To Tweet

Spare Time

For families with kids, summer means no school and likely fewer extracurricular activities, leaving your schedule more open than usual. Contractors also see a drop in business over the summer months. Savvy homeowners can take advantage of this relative openness to schedule consultations and remodeling appointments when both client and contractor have more available time. Your new kitchen will be ready faster than ever.

Pro Tip: It never hurts to get your reservation in early! Get in touch with your countertop contractor ASAP to see when they’re available to remodel your kitchen.

Easy Ventilation

Anyone who has ever painted an interior wall knows how important ventilation is during a remodeling project. This is equally the case when it comes to kitchen remodeling. Between paint, countertop sealant, and more, your kitchen will be full of unpleasant fumes. Take advantage of the warm summer temperatures by opening windows to ventilate your home and keep the remodeling from making anyone sick.

Outdoor Dinners

Most kitchen renovation projects won’t be done in a single day. And unfortunately, a half-finished kitchen makes meal preparation tricky. But there’s no reason to sit inside in a gutted kitchen to eat. Why not move dinnertime outdoors to enjoy a warm summer evening? Enjoy some fresh air and pleasant temperatures while you wait on your brand new kitchen.

Summer Remodeling Projects

When it comes to home remodeling projects, summertime offers plenty of chances to take advantage of open schedules and warmer temperatures. Why wait? Give yourself that new kitchen now!

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