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Cultured Marble: The Perfect Stone for Bathroom Countertops

by | Jul 31, 2020 | Bathroom Countertops

Since ancient times, marble has been regarded as an elegant stone and symbol of high class. Modern advancements have made marble accessible to virtually anyone who wants it. There’s only one potential problem: marble is a rather porous stone, making it a poor choice for the kitchen. That’s why most homeowners who choose marble tend to put this off-white stone in their bathrooms, or opt for a slightly more durable but equally classy material: cultured marble.

Similar to engineered quartz countertops, cultured marble is made from crushed marble mixed with a highly durable resin to create a near-perfect imitation of natural stone. The resulting material is specially designed to resist water and mold, making it perfect for bathroom countertops. Let’s take a closer look at this elegant engineered stone.

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A bathroom countertop or vanity top of cultured marble adds a touch of clean, bright elegance to any restroom. But that’s not the only way to use this lovely stone. Give your shower the same facelift by replacing the old tile lining with solid slabs of marble instead! Not only does this brighten up your shower, but it also makes cleaning much easier and can increase the lifespan of your shower.

Pro Tip: Cultured marble is highly water-resistant, but not heat-resistant. Avoid installing marble countertops in the kitchen or use them in areas rarely exposed to high heat.

Caring for Cultured Marble

Properly caring for marble vanity tops or showers is a very easy process. First and foremost, do your best to prevent the material from coming in contact with things that can damage it. For instance, cultured marble is not heat resistant and will not be able to withstand a hot pan placed directly on it. Sharp objects can also leave scratches in the finish. Buff out minor scratches with a polish like Gel Gloss and call a professional for bigger ones.

Like any bathroom surface, marble countertops or showers will pick up grime, soap scum, and water spots with time. Keep your bathroom sparkling clean by washing your cultured marble frequently. Use a non-abrasive brush and gentle soap to remove spots and prevent long-term buildup.

Designing an Elegant Bathroom

If you love the look of marble but the price tag gives you pause, give cultured marble a try! You’ll get a fully customizable, highly durable stone that will last for at least two decades with proper care. Put the finishing touch on your new bathroom with cultured marble.

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