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Interior Design Goals to Set for 2020

As you step into 2020, why not make it your new year resolution to feel good about the space you live in? There are so many new interior design trends to try out that can refresh any room of the house. 

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Your Interior Design Goals

Your New Year’s resolutions should extend to the space you live in. Having your kitchen or bathroom renovated is a great way to say goodbye to the old and bring some new, fresh ideas into your environment. Take a look at the inspiration below and start planning your interior design goals for the new year!

Modern Kitchen

Your kitchen is a place for family and friends to create memories through get-togethers and celebrations. It should represent the mood you want to set for the evening and be a place of refreshment. Add a slab backsplash with neutral or bright colors to accent your custom countertops. Double islands made with eco-friendly quartz countertops can serve multiple purposes for prepping, cooking, and dining.

Modern Kitchen Interior Design Goals to Set for 2020 R&D Marble

Charming Bathroom

Browse for some different color palettes that would suit your desired bathroom style. If you choose solid black or white counters you can add a bold color to your bathroom decor. You can go to an interior design firm for some assistance or view a showroom for some inspiration. Choose the bathroom counters, tub, and shower that you can picture yourself relaxing with. 

Charming Bathroom Interior Design Goals to Set for 2020 R&D Marble

Inviting Living Area

Most families spend more time in the living room than any other area of the house. When you gather around to have coffee or watch tv, what is the scene that you want to set while you’re relaxing? 2020 is the year to revamp your living space into a modern work of art. Pair the look and feel of your newly renovated kitchen with your living area–have them complement each other with similar decor. 

Inviting Living Area Interior Design Goals to Set for 2020 R&D Marble

Pro Tip: Natural stone can be used in a variety of accent pieces, furniture, and decor to add a luxury look to any room. 

New Year, New Home

Changing up your home and its’ style is exciting and can make you feel more inspired as you achieve your goals throughout the new year. Have fun with interior design and stay true to what makes you feel the most comfortable in your home. Best of luck to you and your interior design goals for this new year! 

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