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Bored at Home: 5 DIY Decor Projects to Make Your Countertops POP

by | Apr 17, 2020 | Home Renovation

If you’re looking for some simple DIY projects to keep you occupied at home, consider sprucing up your kitchen counters! Adding some decor to your kitchen countertops can turn your cooking space into one with style and personality. 

Who doesn’t love DIY projects? Take some time while you’re bored at home to make some decor for your kitchen countertops! Share on X

Bored at Home 5 Diy Decor Projects to Make Your Countertops Pop

What are some DIY decor projects that will make your counter space pop?

When you’re looking for fun things to do at home, DIY projects are always a go-to. Enhance your kitchen counter space with these do it yourself storage canisters, a simple but cute frame and wreath combo, your own personalized coffee station, and more!

  1. Storage Canisters
  2. Frame & Wreath 
  3. Coffee Station
  4. Oil & Vinegar Shelf
  5. Three-Tiered Tray

1) Vintage Inspired Storage Canisters

Upcycle some plain glass jars or mason jars into stylish containers for your cooking utensils. Use chalk finish white paint to give the jars a look of porcelain. You can then use heat transfer vinyl to add a vintage decorative design of your choice.  

2) Create a Frame & Wreath Piece

Make use of extra decorative frames that aren’t holding any pictures and wreaths that haven’t been on the door for a long time. Simply hang a small wreath in the center of the frame with twine or a ribbon. This is a simple way to add some greenery to your natural stone counter top space. 

3) Your Own Personalized Coffee Station

Create a coffee station that brings out your kitchen style, whether it’s minimalist and modern or a cozy cottage aesthetic. Add some colorful storage canisters and utensils if you have a bright-colored coffee maker in a solid surface all-white kitchen.

4) Oil & Vinegar Shelf for the Chef of the House

Enhance your kitchen design by adding a DIY shelf to go over the back of the stove and display your favorite oils and spices. You can stain it with your color of choice to make your tiled backsplash stand out.

5) Stylish & Functional Three-Tiered Tray

You can create your own 3-tiered tray from a variety of different products you may already have at home. You’ll need a sturdy base, three different sized plates, and two small decorative stands to attach them all together. Simply paint the pieces to a color of your choice and attach them together with a strong adhesive. 

Pro Tip: Use your DIY three-tiered tray as a fruit bowl, cake stand, or to display some home-baked treats! There are plenty of ways to use this to your personal taste.

Fun DIY Decor for When You’re Bored at Home

Use these DIY countertop decor ideas to get inspired and add some flair to your kitchen. Don’t forget to properly clean and disinfect your countertops regularly so that they keep their original, beautiful look. 

For more DIY ideas, join the conversation to get over the stay-at-home boredom!

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