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3 At-Home Easter Celebration Ideas

The great news about celebrating is that no one can stop you from doing so from the comfort of your home. Regular Easter festivities with large groups of friends and family are unfortunately not on the calendar this year, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t celebrate while you stay safe at home. 

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What are some ways to celebrate Easter while staying at home?

It’s time to get decorating in the spirit of Easter, plan some family-friendly activities, and create decorations and Easter crafts. Here are 3 ways to have a joyous Easter while staying safe at home:

  1. Easter Egg Decorating
  2. Build Easter Baskets
  3. Decorate Your Home

1) Easter Egg Decorating

Decorating Easter eggs is a timeless tradition that kids love and parents can use to relive fond childhood memories. Set up a table or your kitchen countertops as a decorating station complete with dyes, paint, markers, and other colorful decorations to dress the eggs in every bunny’s unique way.

2) Build Easter Baskets

Easter baskets are another tradition that sparks joy in every household. Order supplies online for delivery or curbside pickup, or get up early to practice social distancing while you shop and disinfect accordingly afterward. Make each basket unique to the family member’s personality! 

Pro Tip: Create an Easter egg hunt in your home! Hide some candy-filled eggs around the house for the kids to find and place in their baskets. 

3) Decorate Your Home

Get your home looking its’ Easter Sunday best with decors like spring wreaths and floral pieces. Adorn your stone counters with colorful accessories and centerpieces to add some celebratory joy to your home. Your Easter baskets and decorated eggs can be put on display for the family to appreciate!

Celebrating Easter While Safe at Home

While social gatherings for scavenger hunts and pictures with the Easter bunny are unfortunately off the table this spring season, you can still enjoy some festivities from the safety of your home with these Easter celebration ideas. 

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