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3 Popular Kitchen Trends in 2020

Throughout the year we’re expecting to see some fantastic kitchen renovation trends coming along. After all, it’s 2020! Innovative modern designs are finding their way into Houston home renovation projects and all across the states. 

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Which kitchen trends are popular for 2020?

It’s time to get creative in the kitchen and add some personal flair to it with a renovation. 2020 kitchen designs are bringing marble countertops into full effect, grabbing attention with striking materials, and keeping it simple and sleek with pops of color. 

  1. Marble Countertops
  2. “Greige” Tones
  3. Minimal and Sleek

1) Marble Countertops

You can add a luxury style to any kitchen with natural stone countertops. The beauty of marble is that each slab is unique with diverse options to create custom kitchen countertops. White marble with grey veins is perfect for a white kitchen with grey kitchen cabinets. 

Pro Tip: You can get a free stainless steel sink by choosing R&D Marble for your kitchen renovation project!

2) “Greige” Tones

Using neutral tones gives you the creative freedom to add pops of color throughout the kitchen as striking focal points. Greige is a modern color suitable for open kitchens with natural materials. By using a soft and cool color like greige throughout the kitchen you can add an accent color to the upper cabinets or drawers. 

3) Minimal and Sleek

Minimalism is a lifestyle appealing to the masses in recent years. If you’re looking for simplicity and functionality, consider a minimal and sleek design style. A minimalist kitchen calls for open shelving and discreet storage space. 

Living Like It’s 2020

You can achieve the kitchen of your dreams in 2020 by working with experienced contractors and doing your research on current trends. Consider some of these styles for your kitchen renovation project and add your personal touches to it to make it complete. 

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