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Create Your Handicap Accessible Bathroom with These 4 Steps

by | Oct 22, 2021 | Handicap Accessible

Is your current bathroom causing injuries to yourself or a handicapped loved one? You can reduce or even eliminate bathroom falls with a handicap-accessible bathroom remodel. While it seems like a daunting overhaul, the process is seamless when you choose the right supplier and contractor.

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How Can You Make Your Bathroom ADA Compliant?

If you need a bathroom that functions properly for handicapped individuals, choose a remodel from a local company with the know-how to complete your project on time and to ADA standards. Transform your bathroom with these 4 additions:

  1. Beautiful & Functional Countertops
  2. ADA Compliant Shower Pans & Ramps
  3. Slip Resistant Tub Flooring

1) Beautiful & Functional Countertops

A handicap-accessible bathroom remodel doesn’t mean your space will be ugly or outdated-looking. Actually, quite the opposite is true. A total remodel means you can upgrade bathroom countertops to a more functional material like one of the options below while choosing a cut with a more rounded end versus pointed corners that may be hazardous to handicapped individuals.

  • Engineered Stone: Acid-resistant, non-absorptive, hygienic, and durable
  • Natural Stone: Durable, long-lasting, and elegant
  • Solid Surfaces: Non-porous, strong, and easy to repair

2) ADA Compliant Shower Pans & Ramps

Handicap bathroom products like ramps and shower pans transform an ordinary shower into an ADA-compliant area. Three-sided thresholds, textured pan floors, and built-in wheelchair ramps make it easy for handicapped individuals to safely get in and out of their home shower.

3) Slip-Resistant Tub Flooring

If you or someone you know has ever fallen in the bathtub, you are well aware of the resulting injuries. Bruises and broken bones can be avoided by adding a slip-resistant tub floor. Whether included in a new tub or purchased as an addition to your existing tub, make sure you don’t skip out on this crucial safety feature.

Creating a Beautiful Handicap Accessible Bathroom

The safety features in an ADA-accessible bathroom upgrade are undeniable. You can’t risk the well-being of a loved one or yourself, so choose products that meet the needs of your situation. It may be a significant investment, but the peace of mind is well worth it.

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