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Cleaning Kitchen Sink & Countertop Guide

by | Oct 8, 2021 | Cleaning Tips, Countertop Maintenance, Kitchen Countertops

Are you in need of spring cleaning guidance to protect your kitchen sink and countertop from damages?  If yes, understanding the type of sink and countertop you have will help you settle on the proper cleaning and maintenance tips. Some people may refrain from cleaning their countertops because they do not know how to do that for different materials. Fortunately, we have guides to help you keep your countertop and sink clean.   

Learning maintenance and proper care for your sinks and countertops will increase their durability. Homeowners should dedicate time for deep cleaning to attain a spotless, beautiful, and attractive kitchen. Achieving the desired quality of your sinks and countertop calls for caution when using cleaning supplies. Using suitable cleaning agents and cleaning tips will prevent damages.

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Stainless Steel Sinks

Despite the extra care needed to maintain the stainless steel sinks clean, it is still the standard choice for the kitchen. Well, with simple steps and few cleaning products, polishing your sink with less money and minimal effort becomes very easy.

Just be keen and follow these simple guidelines to remove spots, scratches, streaks, and stains and get back the original shine of your sink.

Tips for cleaning stainless steel sinks;

  • Wash and rinse the sink with tap water.
  • Sprinkle and Coat your sink with little baking soda to clean the kitchen sink.
  • Use a soft sponge and scrub the basin.
  • Spray the white vinegar, wait for 15 minutes and rinse.
  • Rub the sink basin using a lemon peel or orange to make the sink have a pleasant smell and make the basin shine.
  • Buff with tiny drops of olive oil and furbish using a paper towel. Your sink will be fresh and clean.

Natural Stone Countertops

The beauty and durability of the natural stone depend on proper care and maintenance. It would be best to clean the natural stone countertops with neutral cleaners. Avoid acid cleaners since acid etches and damages natural stone countertops. For stones that require a deep clean, use a heavy-duty stone cleaner or degreaser to remove grease, waxes and specks of dirt.

Guidelines for cleaning natural stone countertops;

  • Shine the stone using a microfiber towel
  • Clean countertops using luke-warm water and mild dish soap
  • Refer to the manufacturer label and strictly follow manufacturer instructions

Engineered Stone Countertops

Tips for cleaning and caring for your engineered stone countertops;

  • Ensure that kitchen cabinets are secured and leveled before engineered stone installation
  • Preserve engineered stone countertops by cleaning them using mild detergent, soft damp cloth, soap and water
  • Remove residue by rinsing the counters thoroughly with clean water and soap
  • Avoid hot water and heat-producing equipment on the engineered stone
  • Use a non-abrasive cleaner

Getting Ready for Spring Cleaning in Your Kitchen

With spring cleaning, you can keep your countertops clean, extending their lifespan. So, You should purchase cleaning products, crevice tools, and cleaning supplies early enough. Additionally, prepare a spring cleaning checklist to help you remember all the places that need attention. Remember that every counter is made of different materials and should get specific care when cleaning them.

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