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Countertop Installation: How to Keep Up

You finally chose the countertops you wanted and scheduled a time for them to be installed. Awesome! But you have a few things to do before installation day gets here, and you’ll have a similar list afterward.

Drawing up a countertop installation checklist will help you keep the job on track and make the work as easy for your contractor as possible. The sooner your new countertops are in place, the sooner you can start using them! Here’s what should be on your checklist.

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Final Pre-Installation Checks

When installing a stone countertop, the pre-installation plan will involve bringing in a measurer to take your room measurements. They will measure the whole room to come up with sizes the fabricator will use to fit the stone to the specific place you need it fixed. You will need to prepare a template covering the sizes and other necessary information requested by your fabricator.

You’ll also need to prepare your house. Disconnect all power plugs or electric devices near your countertops, and disconnect any pipes to prevent leaking. Make a clear path from your front door to the kitchen or bathroom so the workers can easily haul in your new countertops.

Installation Day

It’s the day you have been planning for all along! The installers will come with the prebuilt countertop and fit it in place. Based on how big the countertop is, the installer may need more people to help put the stone countertop in place. The time frame for installation ranges from four to eight hours for small to medium-sized countertops. Larger ones can take even days to complete.

Post-Installation Work

Now that the countertops are in place and have set for at least 24 hours, it’s time to put the rest of your kitchen back together. Call professional contractors to reconnect your pipes, electricity, and any connections you had to switch off during installation. Install the backsplash you’ve been eyeing. Once everything’s back in place, give your kitchen a thorough cleaning and it’s ready to go!

Get Ready for Your New Kitchen

Your hard work and patience will pay off when your new kitchen is complete! The countertops will last for years to come and add an unbeatable touch of color to your home. Enjoy your newly renovated kitchen!

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