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From Layout to Finish: Black Mist Honed Granite & Dekton Laos

R&D Marble specializes in transforming new constructions with impeccable stone countertop projects. This report highlights our recent endeavor that beautifully integrated Black Mist (honed) granite and Dekton Laos slabs, creating a worn yet elegant structure that reflects the personality of the space.

Stone Slabs Used

For this project, our team carefully selected two remarkable stone slabs:

Black Mist Honed Granite: The deep and dark colors of Black Mist (honed) granite add a touch of sophistication to any space. This granite slab offers a unique worn appearance that enhances the overall aesthetic appeal. It’s perfect for kitchen spaces, islands, and additional work surfaces.

Black Mist Honed Granite

Black Mist Honed Granite

Dekton Laos: Dekton surfaces by Costentino are revolutionary ultra-compact surfaces known for their exceptional durability. Laos, part of the Dekton industrial design range, features grey veining and warm shades, making it an ideal complement to the Black Mist honed granite. Its resistance to thermal expansion and thermal shock ensures longevity and resilience. 

Laos by Dekton

Laos by Dekton

Design & Layout

R&D Marble’s design team meticulously planned the layout to harmoniously blend the Black Mist granite and Dekton Laos porcelain slabs. By strategically positioning the slabs, we were able to achieve a stunning contrast that captivates the eye while maintaining a cohesive visual flow throughout the space.

Black Mist Honed Granite & Dekton Laos Design 2 Black Mist Honed Granite & Dekton Laos Design 1

Finished Countertops

The result of R&D Marble’s skillful craftsmanship is a set of remarkable countertops that exude elegance and style. The Black Mist honed granite and Dekton Laos slabs are expertly installed to create a seamless and durable surface. These countertops not only provide a functional workspace but also serve as a focal point, enhancing the overall aesthetics of the new construction’s kitchen and dining area.


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Our team’s expertise in stone countertop design and installation is evident in this successful project. By carefully selecting the right slabs and incorporating knowledge of thermal expansion and shock resistance, we created a stunning combination that transforms any new construction. Whether you desire a worn structure or dark colors to reflect your personality, R&D Marble is the perfect choice to bring your vision to life.

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