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How to Clean Cultured Marble

by | Apr 26, 2019 | Bathroom Countertops, Kitchen Countertops, Marble Countertops

As you remodel your bathroom or shower, chances are you’re dealing with cultured marble. Maybe it was already installed, or maybe you’re just now putting it in. Either way, you should make sure to take care of your cultured marble fixtures to make sure they last their full 20-year lifespan.

Above all, remember that the gentler the cleaning product, the better for your cultured marble. Abrasive products can damage the resin finish and scratch the material underneath. Don’t go overboard.

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Maintenance and Preventive Cleaning

From time to time, your cultured marble countertops or other fixtures will require general cleaning. Use a soft rag or sponge and a mild soap to wash off any grime or buildup you may see. Don’t make a habit of using bleach-based or abrasive cleaners such as Soft Scrub in your regular cleaning. The marble may look cleaner at first, but the grittiness of products like Soft Scrub can wear down the resin coating and make your countertops look “fuzzy” over time.

Use this opportunity to prevent scratches as well. Every year, use a wax polish like Gel-Gloss to restore the resin coating. Not only will this fill in any tiny scratches that may already be there, but it will also decrease the chances of future scratches appearing.

Pro Tip: Regardless of what soap you use, NEVER use steel wool to clean cultured marble. The abrasive sponge will show scratches and damage in the resin coating almost immediately.

Buffing Out a Scratch

If you find a minor surface scratch during a cleaning session, gently buff it out with a soft brush and wax polish. Once again, Gel-Gloss is a fantastic choice. Don’t let the scratch get any bigger.

However, don’t try to patch a particularly nasty chip or scratch. DIY and polish won’t help you much then. If the damage is severe enough, it’s best to call an expert.

Treating Stains

Cultured marble is designed to resist staining, but particularly stubborn stains like hair color may require some stronger cleaning products. Try to clean up any spills immediately to prevent any color from seeping into your marble. If some color gets in anyway, turpentine or paint thinner may be your best bet to get the stain out.

Remember that strong cleaners like turpentine can damage your cultured marble, however. Test a small amount of cleaner on a hidden part of the countertop before attacking the stain. If the cleaner appears to be doing more damage than the stain itself, try something gentler.

Remove Hard Water Droplets

Hard water droplets, while they won’t damage the surface, are certainly unsightly. The most sure-fire way to prevent them is to keep your cultured marble surface wiped dry after each use. If some droplets still persist even then, you can easily remove them with a soft cloth soaked in water and white vinegar. The vinegar is strong enough to eat away the stains without damaging your countertop. Once all the stains are gone, rinse the area with cold water and wipe dry.

Maintaining Your New Cultured Marble

While cultured marble isn’t as heat-resistant as its solid marble counterpart, it’s still a sophisticated choice for any homeowner. With the proper cleaning and preventive care, your countertops or shower lining can last for many years.

Got a particularly stubborn stain or other cleaning-related question? Join the conversation to see how other people maintain their cultured marble.

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