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Tile vs. Marble Showers: 4 Pitfalls of Tile Showers

by | May 3, 2019 | Shower Remodel

Most of us probably imagine lining our showers with tiles during a remodeling project. But don’t limit yourself to just that idea. A marble shower would not only be beautiful, but also would present a more durable option for your home than a tile shower.

Which works better in a shower: marble or traditional tiles? Here are a few reasons why marble may be the way to go. Share on X

Problems with Tile Showers

The nearly-universal choice of tiles lining the shower might not be the best choice for your home’s long-term maintenance. While marble both looks beautiful and proves itself quite durable, tile showers can cause multiple problems, most notably:

  1. Leaking
  2. Mold and mildew
  3. Grout maintenance
  4. Slow installation

1) Leaking

The multiple gaps between tiles make leaking nearly inevitable. Not even grout can hold out the water forever. And as any homeowner knows, water getting into the walls can destroy sheetrock and lead to costly repairs.

Meanwhile, marble showers can consist of a few very large chunks or, in ideal circumstances, a single seamless shower lining. This arrangement can make leaks rare or even impossible with the right preventive measures.

2) Mold and Mildew

Another consequence of leaky bathroom tiles is mold growth. The humid Houston weather makes homeowners particularly susceptible to this. If your shower leaks into your walls, you likely won’t notice it immediately, giving mold time to eat away at your walls and stain your grout. The unsightly growth can damage your bathroom fixtures and cause respiratory issues for some people.

Pro Tip: Mold generally won’t grow directly on marble, but it can take root on stains or hard water droplets left on the marble. Keeping your marble shower or countertop clean will help prevent mold growth.

3) Grout Maintenance

For a porcelain tile shower, grout is an absolute necessity to prevent water leakage. However, poorly maintained or installed shower grout notoriously falls apart or rots when exposed to water. And because of the high volume of grout required for tile showers, rotting grout only increases the likelihood of leaks.

On the other hand, the silicone sealer used around marble slabs repels water very effectively, shutting off any possibility of leakage. You won’t have to replace the sealant for a long time. Additionally, remember that even if the silicone sealer peels or falls off, the smaller amount of it present means an easier repair and fewer leaks for you.

4) Slow Installation

Anyone who has had a shower installed knows how long it takes to position each ceramic tile correctly and grout them all properly. It can be days or weeks before the new shower is usable.

Meanwhile, using marble for your new shower surround requires just enough time to position a small number of solid panels. Not only is the marble more durable and attractive, but it also allows you to use your shower faster!

Attractive and Functional Bathroom Design

Elevate your shower with the elegance and durability of marble slabs for your shower surround. Not only will you love your new decorative style, but you also won’t have to worry about repairs and leak prevention for a long time to come.

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