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Lifespan of Cultured Marble: Does It Stand the Test of Time?

Cultured marble countertops, made of resin and crushed marble stone, turn any room into an elegant space without the high cost of a solid marble countertop. Plus, you can customize the color of your counters to match your furniture or decor. It seems like the perfect choice!

Cultured marble is an excellent choice if you want the look of expensive marble without the cost. However, be sure to recognize the limitations of imitation stone. With proper treatment, your cultured marble countertop should last you approximately 20 years.

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A glossy finish of resin makes it difficult to stain cultured marble. However, excessive force or abrasive objects can scratch or chip the coating on a small scale. Not to worry though–a light surface scratch is easy to repair with a wax polish such as Gel-Gloss. For chips or a deeper scratch, save your time and call an expert to help you out.

It’s best to use cultured marble in places where you know it won’t be exposed to extreme heat or sharp objects. Its high level of water and mold resistance make it a popular choice for sink or shower lining in home improvement projects. A kitchen counter rarely exposed to high heat, such as a sink border, is likely also safe. Think about what the area will be used for and if the usage could damage your counter.


Caring for cultured marble largely involves avoiding things that can damage it. For instance, as stated above, abrasive objects can scratch the resin and shouldn’t be placed on cultured marble. Additionally, keep in mind that unlike its natural stone countertop cousins, cultured marble is not heat resistant. Placing a hot pot or pan on your countertop, even with a potholder, could potentially ruin it.

When any cultured marble products need cleaning, use a non-abrasive sponge and a gentle soap to remove the grime. From time to time, apply a protective coating of wax polish (Gel-Gloss is a good choice here as well) to maintain the glossy finish.

Pro Tip: Use bleaching cleaning products only sparingly on cultured marble, as it could damage the resin coating and bleach your customized color.

The Best Way to Use Cultured Marble

Because of its high level of stain protection and mold resistance, the best place for cultured marble is in your bathroom. You can use it to line your shower with large, solid pieces instead of tiles with grout to maintain, or you can use it as an elegant vanity topper. Either way, your new decoration is sure to last its full 20-year life expectancy. Just make sure to continue your regular maintenance routine to ensure the stone looks its best.

Sophistication at an Affordable Price

Cultured marble allows many homeowners to add elegance to their decorating without paying through the nose for it. As long as you’re careful to maintain your new decor and treat it with care, you can enjoy your new countertops for years to come.

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