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Beautiful Stone Bathroom Countertop Trends

Countertops are the most visible elements in a bathroom, so you must know the latest bathroom countertop trends. Consider your bathroom a sanctuary where you would love to relax and freshen up after a long day away from home. In that case, you must create an environment that induces comfort and relaxation, starting with bathroom countertops.

Many countertop materials, like cultured marble, TruStone, and quartz engineered stone, can make your bathroom look more elegant. But before adding any stone bathroom countertop material to your house, ensure that it aligns with the latest bathroom designs. Consider its cost, durability, and maintenance requirements.

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Cultured Marble & Granite

Cultured marble comprises ground white marble mixed with color and catalyst, then sealed with Gelcoat to protect the surface and give it a shiny non-porous look. On the other hand, cultured granite is made through the same process but with a different filler. It has an aggregate look that resembles what manufacturers create for countertops.

Cast Polymer TruStone™

TruStone is a popular material in bathroom countertops, bathtubs, shower walls, tub decks, and splashes. It offers the beauty of full-slab stone and the functionality of engineered composite, helping you save more money. Consider using TruStone in your bathroom remodel project when you want to incorporate a modern and elegant look.

Quartz Engineered Stone

Quartz engineered stone countertops are beautiful, hygienic, durable, eco-friendly, and stain-resistant. This countertop material is a perfect solution for your bathroom surfaces as it’s non-absorptive. Besides, you won’t need to reseal it yearly like granite must be properly sealed to last. Quartz countertops come in a variety of colors and patterns.

The Best Stone Options for Bathroom Remodels

These bathroom countertop trends can increase your home’s beauty and resale value and make it more comfortable. You don’t want to spend your money on a countertop material that will last only a few weeks. If you have trouble selecting the best countertop material for your bathroom vanity, let R&D Marble help you get what suits your needs.

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