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Your Guide to Buying Bathroom Countertops

by | Jul 29, 2022 | Bathroom Countertops, Countertop Installation

When buying bathroom countertops for a remodel, you will need a bathroom countertop buying guide to help you make informed decisions. Any bathroom remodel project aims to increase the bathroom’s luxury and comfort. One of the best ways to incorporate a luxury feel into this sanctuary is by installing luxurious countertops, showers, and tubs.

As a sanctuary to refresh yourself after a long day of work, the bathroom needs to induce some sense of relaxation. You can achieve that by installing beautiful countertops that define your style. Several countertop materials are available, including quartz (engineered stone), natural stone, cultured marble, and granite.

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Types of Bathroom Countertop Material

There are many types of stone countertop materials, with each having its pros and cons. You can consider any of the following materials for a bathroom vanity top.

  • Granite Countertops: Granite can serve as a bathroom countertop material when sealed. It’s resistant to chipping and cracking, although the hidden natural flaws can be problematic. Thankfully, it comes in various colors and patterns.
  • Cultured Marble Countertops: To incorporate elegance and beauty into your bathroom, install cultured marble countertops. Although marble is weaker than granite, its unique patterns make it a perfect addition to your bathroom. It also needs to be sealed.
  • Quartz Countertops: If you are looking for a stain-resistant countertop material, don’t search further than quartz. It’s also resistant to scratching, chipping, and breaking. Notably, it doesn’t require sealing, although it’s not 100 percent natural.

The three countertop materials listed above are the most popular and best fit for bathrooms, but there are other options, including travertine, soapstone, wood, composites, and tile countertops.

Understanding Future Maintenance

Before choosing any countertop material, you must consider every option’s future maintenance requirements and cost. Quartz has the lowest maintenance cost, making it the best in maintenance. Both marble and granite countertops are vulnerable to stains and scratches, increasing maintenance costs. You must seal them to avoid staining.

Professional Design and Installation 

Buying a suitable countertop material for your bathroom can be easy, but designing and installing the countertops is another thing that requires an expert’s intervention. You need to hire a professional installer to design, customize, and install your bathroom countertops. Thankfully, R&D Marble can help you with that.

Buying Bathroom Countertops with Peace of Mind

With the help of this bathroom countertop buying guide, you’ll find it easy to select the right countertop material for your bathroom. Whether you plan to remodel master baths or guest baths, R&D Marble is ready to customize the feel and look of your countertops to match your specifications. We’ll select the best design for your bathroom.

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