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What is Engineered Stone? Countertops & More for Your Home

Curious about engineered stone and what it is? Elevate your home’s look with stunning quartz countertops. It blends natural beauty with modern tech for durable style. Perfect for chic kitchens and baths!

Let’s explore this amazing countertop material! Discover styles, versatile uses, and how engineered stone enhances your space. Begin your journey to a dream home with the enchantment of quartz.

What is Engineered Stone?

Engineered stone, or quartz, mimics natural stone with 90-95% crushed quartz, polymers, resins, and colors. This blend creates a lasting, low-maintenance surface. Its exceptional hardness (7/10 on the Mohs scale) makes it perfect for durable countertops since it resists wear, scratches, and chips. 

Different aesthetics are suited by a wide range of styles, from current tones to marble-like ones. Also, its eco-friendly usage of recycled materials supports concerns about sustainability in design and construction.

Styles of Quartz to Choose From

There are many lovely options available when it comes to choosing the best quartz for your countertops. The following well-known suppliers of various styles are listed:

  1. Caesarstone®: Caesarstone®, which is renowned for its excellent quality and stunning designs, offers a variety of products inspired by the beauty of nature. There are many different types of quartz surfaces, from classic marbles and granites to modern industrial looks.
  2. Cambria®: As a family-owned and American-made business, Cambria® takes great pleasure in its magnificent designs and flawless quality. Their quartz surfaces are an eye-catching option because of their unusual patterns and vivid colors.
  3. Hanstone™: Blending innovation and technology, Hanstone™ provides designs that appeal to all tastes, from subdued elegance to vivid, attention-grabbing patterns.
  4. Silestone®: Cosentino, a well-known brand in the industry, supports Silestone®, which gives your home a touch of class. There are many different colors and designs available for these high-end surfaces. Silestone® promises enduring beauty and superior performance.
  5. Wilsonart®: Known for its wide variety of exquisite surfaces, Wilsonart® brings expertise to engineered stone. Their quartz surfaces combine functionality and design, offering alternatives for both conventional and modern looks.
  6. Viatera®: LG Hausys’ Viatera® provides a lovely fusion of durability and natural beauty. Viatera® offers quartz surfaces that enhance every living space with a focus on innovation and environmental friendliness.
  7. Vicostone®: Vicostone® is a well-known international brand that provides a wide selection of premium quartz surfaces. Your design concept has an infinite number of alternatives thanks to its intricate patterns and lovely colors.

With such a variety of patterns, you can confidently choose the ideal quartz that matches your home and expresses your style. Each manufacturer offers excellent quality, ensuring the durability of your engineered stone surfaces.

Other Uses for Engineered Stone

While renowned for countertops, quartz offers versatility beyond kitchen countertops and bathroom surfaces. Its adaptability suits both residential and commercial settings. Commonly for wall cladding and backsplashes, its non-porous, moisture-resistant nature safeguards walls stylishly. 

With durability akin to flooring, it handles foot traffic, offering low-maintenance allure. Furniture crafted from quartz boasts enduring charm, thanks to its sleek surface. Architectural elements like fireplace surround and stairs benefit from its authentic stone-like look without the upkeep. 

Enhance the Beauty of Your Kitchen or Bathroom

Incorporating engineered stone countertops boosts both beauty and durability in essential areas. Its quartz elegance elevates interiors with various shapes and hues, extending from countertops to backsplashes, walls, and floors. Discover timeless charm with R&D Marble—contact us to explore our quality engineered stone collection and transform your living spaces.