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Maintaining Your Engineered Stone Countertops

by | Jul 3, 2020 | Cleaning Tips, Countertop Maintenance, Quartz Countertops

Quartz countertops are a beautiful addition to your home, whether in the kitchen or bathroom. Engineered stone countertops come with the added benefit of being relatively easy to clean and keep maintained. With beauty and durability, they make a great choice for beautiful stone countertops

Quartz countertops and other types of engineered stone are among the most durable countertop materials available! But they do require a special kind of maintenance to extend their life. Here’s how to keep your countertops in excellent condition.… Click To Tweet

How can you keep your quartz countertops looking brand new?

Quartz countertops can resist stains and scratches remarkably well, and unlike natural stone, require no repeated sealing. However, quartz isn’t indestructible. Making a few easy changes to your kitchen routine will ensure that your engineered stone countertops last for years to come and keep their lovely color. Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Daily Maintenance
  2. Removing Stains
  3. Preventing Damage

1) Daily Maintenance

Your countertops only need a gentle cleaning agent at the end of the day. Moisten a soft cloth (microfiber is an excellent choice) with vinegar or a mixture of mild dish soap and water, then wipe down the counter thoroughly. Any non-abrasive cleaning solution will also work. Just double-check the supplies you plan to use. Abrasive cleaners or scouring pads can dull the finish with time, making your countertops lose some of their color and potentially make them more vulnerable to scratching.

2) Removing Stains

On natural stone countertops, certain liquids can seep through the sealant and discolor the stone underneath. This rarely occurs with quartz, however. The sealant used for quartz countertops is so remarkably durable that most liquids simply can’t penetrate it, meaning most stains you’ll deal with will stay on the surface of your counter. This makes cleanup easy. Wipe up any liquid spills promptly and try not to let them dry on the countertop. A particular stubborn dried spot, like spilled nail polish, requires a bit more care. Gently scrape the stain off with a credit card or plastic knife and wash the space with gentle dish soap to remove any remaining residue.

Pro Tip: Quartz countertops rarely stain because of their durable sealant. However, ink from permanent markers is all but impossible to clean even from quartz. Don’t let permanent ink get into your kitchen countertops!

3) Preventing Damage

One particular danger can damage your quartz counters over time: heat. Occasional exposure to heat isn’t a problem. However, you should never place a pan hot from the oven onto your countertops without putting down a hot pad first. Exposing stone countertops to heat can cause them to expand and contract too rapidly, increasing the chances of a crack forming. This applies to heat-producing appliances as well. Slow cookers, toasters, coffee machines, and other types of kitchen electronics produce a steady amount of heat over a long period of time, exposing your quartz counters to potentially damaging conditions. Make sure your appliances are mounted at least 2 inches above the countertop to allow for adequate airflow underneath.

Easily Maintained Engineered Stone Countertops

For your kitchen countertops, engineered stone is an excellent choice. The beauty and durability of this material will last you for years to come with proper maintenance. Keep your quartz counters in good condition and impress your friends with your fancy kitchen!

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