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4 Dos and Don’ts for Your Quartz Countertops

by | Jul 19, 2019 | Kitchen Countertops, Quartz Countertops

Of all your options for stone kitchen countertops, quartz is probably the most durable. The hard resin and stone mixture serves as an elegant, highly durable slab of engineered stone for your counters. This tough surface can withstand plenty of abuse from your cooking or kitchen activities.

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Proper Quartz Countertop Maintenance

As durable as quartz countertops are, proper care is still critical to making sure they last for their full expected lifespan. A careless accident or lack of proper care can leave even the most heavy-duty engineered stone damaged. Keep these maintenance tricks in mind as you care for your quartz countertops: 

  1. Wash regularly and gently
  2. Avoid scratching the surface
  3. Always use a hot pad
  4. Prevent stains and clean quickly

1) Wash Regularly and Gently

As a preventive measure, wipe your countertops down once a day with a damp washcloth and, if necessary, a small amount of mild dish soap. A gentle daily wash will keep stains from developing and keep your counters free of dust and grime. Dry the countertops with microfiber cloths when you’re finished for a full shine.

Pro Tip: Some spills can blend in on a busy quartz countertop surface. Check out your counters at eye-level to make sure you get everything.

2) Avoid Scratching the Surface

Quartz is scratch-resistant, but not scratch-proof. Remember that although your quartz countertops are incredibly durable, they are not cutting boards. Never cut directly on your countertops to avoid scratching the finish and making the stone more vulnerable to staining. If you do scratch the surface by accident, buff the scratches out with a polish such as Gel Gloss. Contact your stone contractors for more severe damage.

3) Always Use a Hot Pad

Engineered quartz can withstand high temperatures very well. That being said, sudden and dramatic changes in temperature can split a stone slab right down the middle. Additionally, the smooth polish isn’t nearly as heat resistant as the stone underneath it. Even the most durable of quartz countertops need a hot pad to protect them from hot pots or pans.

4) Prevent Stains and Clean Quickly

Left alone, spilled liquids can seep through undetected holes or scratches in your quartz countertops and stain the stone underneath. Acidic liquids like vinegar or wine are particularly fast-acting stain agents. To keep your countertops stain-free, clean up spills immediately and dry with microfiber to get every last drop.

Maintaining Your Quartz Countertops

Engineered quartz countertops provide a near-perfect balance of beauty, low maintenance, and durability for the savvy homeowner. However, basic maintenance and care are necessary to make sure your quartz countertop lasts a long time without needing major renovations. By keeping these maintenance tricks in mind as you work in the kitchen, you’re sure to continue enjoying your counters for years to come.

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