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Order of Steps to a Beautiful Kitchen Remodel

by | Mar 6, 2020 | Home Renovation

Kitchens are a gathering place of the home–they should be inviting and made with top quality materials. If you’re starting a home renovation project, the kitchen should be your central focus of the house. Make sure it’s done with the right tools by making a project plan ahead of time. 

You can’t go in to remodel your kitchen blindly. You’ll need to know the order of steps to take to execute a high-quality kitchen renovation. #homeimprovement Share on X

What steps should you take to renovate your kitchen?

Whether you’re hiring a contractor or tackling the project yourself, it’s important to know which order of steps to take for your kitchen remodel. You’ll need to undo the current kitchen, replace plumbing and electric, add drywall and get painting. After cabinets and flooring have been installed, it’s ready for beautiful stone countertops of your choice, a stunning backsplash, and new appliances. 

  1. Undo the Kitchen
  2. Replace Plumbing & Lighting Fixtures
  3. Add Drywall 
  4. Get Painting
  5. Cabinet Installation
  6. Countertops
  7. Backsplash
  8. Install New Appliances

Order of Steps to a Beautiful Kitchen Remodel Rd Marble Inc

1) Undo the Kitchen

The previous kitchen will need to be demolished before it becomes a new one. First, remove the doors of the cabinet, appliances, including the range hood. Carefully remove window trim and doorway if you want to reuse them. Remove sheets of paneling from the walls with a crowbar.

2) Replace Plumbing & Lighting Fixtures

Hire a professional with the proper licenses to replace outdated plumbing and install new with more functionality. You’ll want outdated lighting fixtures and wiring to be replaced professionally as well. Shut off the power before removing appliances and lighting fixtures. Do your research on the specific electrical jobs that will need to be done for your home’s kitchen. 

3) Add Drywall

Hang the drywall using Sheetrock, a utility knife, a T-square, and drywall screws. Make sure your measurements are correct and crack the drywall over your knee to break it and secure it to the wall with screws. 

After hanging the Sheetrock, you’ll need to mud the area with a mudding knife. This will take multiple layers and a few days to dry in between. 

4) Get Painting

Paint the walls and ceiling to your desired color that will match the custom countertops you choose. You can hire a team of trustworthy painters or do it yourself with the right brushes and paint to get the job done.

5) Base Cabinet Installation

Cabinets can’t be installed until the electricians and plumbers are completely finished. You’ll want to hire a professional to install the base cabinets and make sure they’re level. The company you choose for cabinets should recommend qualified installers for your project.

6) Stone Countertops

Gorgeous kitchen countertops will leave an impression on guests and buyers in the market. Natural stone countertops are chosen for new builds and kitchen remodels because of the value, style, and luxury they add to a home. Engineered stone, quartz, is one of the most Eco-friendly choices for high-end countertops and very easy to maintain.

7) Backsplash

You can add your personal style and creativity when installing a new backsplash. Solid surfaces such as HI-MACS® give you the luxury look for your kitchen at a reasonable price. With its enduring applications and innovative interpretations, this solid surface lends itself to imaginative uses.

8) Install New Appliances

Now it’s time to install all new appliances, get everything in gear and ready to see the newly renovated area in action. You’ll need to call an electrician and plumber back again to get everything in order and running correctly. 

Pro Tip: If the return on investment is your focus, speak with a real estate expert when doing your home improvement project to make sure you’re not over-improving the kitchen–making it the most costly home on the street.

Follow These Steps Towards Your Dream Kitchen

Start planning your kitchen remodeling project with trusted experts who can help you through each order of steps from this list. Once you’re sure about the design you want, it’s time to spring into action and call the right people to get the job done.

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