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Home Remodeling After the Texas Freeze

by | May 21, 2021 | Home Renovation

After the Texas freeze, home remodeling became a top priority for homeowners whose homes got damaged by the winter storm. Thousands of homes reported burst pipes that resulted in water leaks, damaging properties worth millions of dollars. Besides the cold, many Texans had to go without power and water for days, making life more miserable.

Unfortunately, some homeowners are still dealing with the damages done to their homes by the Texas freeze. Here are some tips on getting things back to normal: Share on X

The Texas freeze came and went. Now, Texas homeowners have to work hard and restore normalcy in their homes by fixing the damages caused by the storm. They have to repair damaged water pipes, ceilings, kitchens, bathrooms, and roofs. In this guide, we look at tips to help homeowners recover from the Texas freeze.

Here are some of the home remodeling tips and ideas to consider.

Damage From Water Leaks

During the Texas freeze, many water pipes burst in the attic of many homes, resulting in water leaks that damaged property. If you are a victim, you can install new water pipes in your attic before repairing the damages. Inspect and fix all the points where water leaked. It will help you prevent mold growth, which poses significant health risks.

Fixing Kitchens and Bathrooms

If water flooded your kitchen and bathroom, making them look soggy, you should fix the problems before they exacerbate. Here are some of the remodeling tips to consider.

  • Replace all the broken water pipes with new ones to avoid more leakages
  • Replace or repaint all the kitchen cabinets that got damaged by water
  • Replace all the leaky water faucets in the kitchen and bathroom
  • Repaint the kitchen and bathroom walls that look dump
  • Replace the fixtures broken by the freezing water

Choosing a Professional Contractor

Fixing all the damages caused by bursting pipes and freezing waters can be very tricky when you have to do it all by yourself. Consider hiring a professional contractor to help you do the repairs. They will help you fix all the broken pipes and leaky faucets to restore your bathroom and kitchen. They will also help identify areas that need repairs. 

Undoing the Effects of the Texas Freeze 

Besides implementing the Texas freeze home remodeling tips, Texans have to deal with other effects of the disaster, like food shortage. With the help of the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), most areas in Texas have returned to normalcy. Many homes can now access water and electricity without any disruptions.

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