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6 Modern Kitchen Lighting Ideas

by | Mar 12, 2021 | Home Renovation

The best way to transform your kitchen space is by adopting the modern kitchen lighting ideas we’ll look at in this guide. You can install fantastic fixtures or a few lighting options that could brighten the kitchen and make it stand out. The good news is, there are many kitchen brightening options, including chandeliers and floor lamps.

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Making a Statement Through Design

If you desire to upgrade your cooking space without breaking into the bank, you should opt for modern kitchen lighting ideas. It’s the simplest way to make a significant difference in your kitchen. Here are some of the tips to consider. 

  1. Eye-catching hanging pendants
  2. Casual chandeliers
  3. A pop of color
  4. Trendy styles
  5. Metallic highlights
  6. Retro

1) Eye-Catching Hanging Pendants

Install eye-catching pendants to turn your ceiling into a focal point. You can install globe pendant lights with crystal clear casing to change the kitchen space’s overall look. Their transparent glass casings will enhance the openness of your room, transforming it.

2) Casual Chandeliers

Consider installing a few minimalistic chandeliers to add beauty to your cooking space. An excellent example is a cage-style chandelier with clean lines that will complement the space’s simplistic glamour. You can also opt for the wrought-iron chandeliers.

3) A Pop of Color

Another way to complement your kitchen space’s transitional look is by adding light color that matches your kitchen style. For example, you can get inspired by the sun and install bold yellow pendants to add a double dose of bright light and cheerful color.

4) Trendy Styles

To create an attractive space in your kitchen, consider installing trendy styles, such as the modernized Hollywood regency style. Spruce up things with opulent lighting fixtures such as Restoration Hardware’s Boule de Cristal chandeliers.

5) Metallic Highlights

You can add warmth to your kitchen space by adding metallic lighting highlights. That could be a warm glow of bronze, silver, or gold, depending on the style that matches your kitchen space. Also, consider installing metallic fixtures with unique designs. 

6) Retro

If you have a kitchen with a retro accent, consider uniting it with modern amenities, like modern lighting, to make it feel both vintage and modern. When looking for inspiration, contrasting modern lighting options are exactly the style you need in your retro kitchen. 

Customizing Your Kitchen

With these modern kitchen lighting ideas, you can customize your kitchen to match your style. Install lighting fixtures that will make a statement, brighten up your kitchen, and enhance the existing design without costing you much money.

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