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5 Relaxing Bathroom Ideas for Your Home Remodel

by | Dec 3, 2021 | Home Renovation

Turning your bathroom space into a spa is one of the simplest home remodelings when you implement the most relaxing bathroom ideas. Instead of going for costly spas out there, you can incorporate the spa-like feeling into your bathroom at affordable costs.

How do you get a luxury spa vibe in your remodeled bathroom? 

A spa-like bathroom will leave you feeling calm and relaxed. All you have to do is upgrade fixtures, remove clutter, and install relaxing elements in your bathroom. You don’t have to break the bank to redesign your bathroom into a spa at home.

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  1. Perfect Organization and Storage
  2. Use Rugs to Soften the Floors
  3. Light Your Favorite Calming Scents
  4. Install a Shower Bench
  5. Decorate with High-Quality Toiletries

1) Perfect Organization and Storage

Keeping your bathroom accessories organized is an effective way to add the spa feeling to your bathroom. Ensure you customize your bathroom storage space to accommodate toiletries, styling tools, and other bathroom essentials. Consider the items you use daily to help you choose whether to use closed or open storage.

2) Use Rugs to Soften the Floor

Cold tiles can be chilling, especially when you take your bath early in the morning. The good news is that you can soften your bathroom floor with plush rugs to protect your feet from the cold tiles. The rugs will also add character to the bathroom to make it look more appealing. However, pick the rugs that can dry fast when exposed to water.

3) Light Your Favorite Calming Scents

If you’ve been into spas, you probably have an idea how some scents can be calming. Scents like rosemary and lavender are so calming and can transform your bathroom into a peaceful space. You can also use essential oil diffusers to make your bathroom more welcoming. Scented candles and bath products can also aromatize the space.

4) Install a Shower Bench

Installing a shower bench in your shower is another simple way to make your bathroom look stylish. With such a bathroom addition, you can sit comfortably and enjoy the bath. You can also place your bath soap and shampoo on the bench for quick access. However, ensure that the bench is water-resistant. Cast polymer products work best for custom showers, tubs, and sinks.

5) Decorate With High-Quality Toiletries

As you remodel your bathroom into a spa, you also need to think about your toiletries. Inspire the space with attractive bath products matching the bathroom’s color scheme and countertop style. For instance, you can transfer your shampoo or hand soap into containers that match your style. Keep sponges and other small toiletries in clear glass or ceramic jars. 

Create the Perfect Bathroom to Relax In

These five relaxing bathroom ideas can quickly transform your bathroom space into a spa and make it look stylish. Don’t forget to throw a few decorative plush rugs on the floor, keep bathroom essentials organized, and aromatize the space with calming scents. You can also add a few hanging plants to inspire the bathroom.

Contact us for expert guidance on how to transform your bathroom space into a spa.

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