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How to Clean Granite Countertops for a Flawless Kitchen

Every homeowner loves seeing granite in their kitchens, but you can only preserve its beauty when you know how to clean granite countertops. It comes in numerous colors and patterns, making it the number one choice for many homeowners. However, it would help if you cleaned it regularly to preserve its elegance, and we’ll show you how to do it.

Granite is a natural stone material highly resistant to heat, scratching, and everyday wear and tear. So, it’s among the best materials for kitchen countertops. However, although granite’s beauty makes a statement in the kitchen, it requires regular maintenance to keep it clean. But how do you clean granite countertops?

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Ensure Granite Countertops Are Sealed

Unsealed granite will quickly soak up stains and spills. So, one way to maintain granite countertops is by sealing them regularly. If you’re unsure about the last time you sealed your kitchen countertops, you can conduct a water test. Leave some water droplets on the countertop for a few minutes. If the water soaks into the granite, it requires sealing.

Use Proper Tools & Cleaning Materials

Whenever cleaning your granite countertop, use a gentle cloth to wipe down the countertops daily. Avoid abrasive sponges that can scratch or damage the stone over time. Products like bleach and harsh cleaners or chemicals will also break down granite and ruin its finish. So, use a soft cloth, mild dish soap, and warm water. 

Granite-Safe Cleaners to Avoid Damage

You don’t want to leave your countertop damaged after cleaning, a reason to avoid harsh chemicals that may cause damage. For instance, acidic cleaners and ammonia can cause your granite countertop to lose its shine, weakening the sealant. Instead, use warm water, mild soap, and a microfiber cloth to clean your granite countertops daily.

Easy to Maintain Natural Stone Countertops 

Now that you know how to clean granite countertops for kitchen applications, you must not have a problem maintaining your countertop. These tips will help you keep your countertop clean and preserve its beauty for many years. However, the quality of the granite countertop also matters, so you should order high-quality granite at R&D Marble.

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