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When is the Best Time for Installing New Countertops?

by | Mar 10, 2023 | Countertop Installation

There’s no better way to transform your kitchen space than installing new countertops to complement your home style. But what’s the best time for installing new countertops in your home? Well, like every other appliance or amenity, a time comes when you must repair, revamp, and renew your countertop to give your kitchen a fresh look. However, knowing when to install new countertops is challenging for many homeowners.

The best way to tell it’s time to install new countertops in a bathroom or kitchen is by watching the signs of aging and wear. You can also consider the number of years you’ve used the countertop. If it’s outdated, you can opt for trendy options to keep your house modern. Thankfully, new countertops can also increase your home value.

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When Looks & Aesthetics Are Outdated 

Consider installing new countertops when the existing ones lose their visual appeal and seem outdated. What was trendy a decade ago may not fit in a modern home. Modern countertop trends go beyond color and pattern. So, you can upgrade your countertops with finishing and edge profiling options to add a sophisticated character to your home.

When Wear and Tear Needs Replacing

Keep assessing your countertops to see signs of wear and tear. Although countertops can last for years, inspect the surfaces regularly for signs of wear and tear. Check for scratches, cracks, erosion, burn marks, ragged edges, stubborn stains, discoloration, and etching. Such things can help you know the best time to install new countertops.

When Home Value Needs Increasing 

One reason to install new countertops during your kitchen remodel project is to increase your home’s value. However, different types of countertops have varying values, so choose an option that suits your budget. For instance, marble countertops are usually more expensive than quartz countertops. So, whether you choose granite or quartz, ensure the installation processes don’t exceed your budget.

Finding the Best Stone Countertops for Your Family

When you notice any of the three signs above, know it’s the best time for installing new countertops. However, before the countertop replacement, compare different options to find what’s easy to clean and maintain. It will help you select the best stone countertops for your home renovations. Thankfully, R&D Marble can help you find new countertops.

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