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7 Granite Countertop Finishes to Suit Every Style

by | May 3, 2024 | Granite Countertops

There’s a diverse world of granite countertop finishes, where each surface tells a story. From the elegance of polished to the charm of sawn, there’s a type of finish for every space. Explore the options and discover the perfect finish to elevate your kitchen design.

Popular Finishes for Granite Countertops

Granite countertop finishes include polished, honed, leathered, flamed, sawn, acid-washed, and caressed. Each finish offers a distinct aesthetic and practical benefits. They can cater to various design preferences and lifestyle needs. Whether you prefer a glossy shine, a muted matte look, or a rugged texture, there’s a granite finish for you.

  1. Polished Finish
  2. Honed Finish
  3. Leathered Finish
  4. Flamed Finish
  5. Sawn Finish
  6. Acid-Washed Finish
  7. Caressed Finish

1) Polished Finish

With its shiny surface, polished granite enhances colors and patterns. Homeowners like that this finish is easy to clean and more stain-resistant, but slippery when wet. It suits many kitchen styles but appeals to those who prefer high-class elegance.

2) Honed Finish

This low-sheen surface offers a modest, minimalistic look. It’s great for camouflaging scratches and fingerprints if you seek a muted aesthetic. To keep honed granite from looking glossy, the polishing machine stops before it becomes shiny.

3) Leathered Finish

Featuring a grainy texture, leathered granite conceals fingerprints and food particles. This makes it ideal for busy kitchens with a personalized touch. The leathered look is a newer finish to the countertop world.

4) Flamed Finish

Achieved by subjecting granite to extreme heat and then rapid cooling, it offers a rough look. A flamed finish is perfect for outdoor kitchens, bringing slip resistance and durability. This look will work for a custom design in any part of the home.

5) Sawn Finish

This rough, coarse-textured surface gives granite a natural appearance. This will work best for those seeking a rustic aesthetic in their countertops.

6) Acid-Washed Finish

Using acids to alter the appearance, the acid-washed finish provides an antique look. It can also be applied to existing countertops, offering versatility in design.

7) Caressed Finish

What happens when you combine shine with the texture of a leathered finish? Caressed granite countertops offer a balance between rugged and elegant. It seals the natural stone’s pores, enhancing durability while maintaining a unique visual appeal.

Granite Countertops with a Beautiful Finish

With granite countertop finishes, choose what will elevate the appeal of your space. Explore the wide range available and transform your home with beauty and functionality. Contact us today to discover the perfect granite finish option for your home!

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