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How to Care for Your Home’s Granite Countertops

by | Jul 2, 2021 | Countertop Maintenance, Granite Countertops, Kitchen Countertops

Learning how to care for granite countertops is the prime upgrade you can make to your kitchen. Granite countertops come in different colors and patterns to suit your home’s decoration taste. The sturdy stone is resistant to water, heat, and scratches. However, it would be best if you took special precautions to protect it from damage.

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Why should you take care of your granite countertop? A well-maintained granite countertop lasts for years and looks just as refined and stunning as the day you fitted them. Also, taking care of your granite countertops leaves a positive first impression on friends and relatives who visit your home.

Use the following tips to take care of your kitchen granite countertop.

Cleaning and Maintenance 

It is essential to maintain and keep your granite countertop clean to keep it in perfect condition. It helps to eliminate grime, dust, dirt, and settled food particles. For basic cleaning, use a dry or wet microfiber cloth to dust off or clean the countertop surface.

In the presence of spills, you can use dishwashing soap to clean the surface and then dry it with a soft cloth. However, avoid using harsh chemicals or rough cleaners on your countertop. Such cleaners can pit, scratch, and etch the stone’s surface permanently. 

Preventing Chipping

It takes much time and money to find the perfect countertop, such that finding a chip in your granite countertop can be upsetting. Dropping heavy items is among the fastest ways you can chip your countertop. So be careful always when putting such things on your granite countertop.

In addition, to prevent chipping, place a plastic wrap or rubber mat around your granite countertop. The rugs take the impact of hot pots, heavy pans, and sliding wooden cutting boards. 

Sealing the Countertops

Sealing is similarly significant to keep germs and stains from settling into the natural stone poles. Use a granite sealer at least twice a year to stop your countertop from sheltering germs. 

To identify whether your granite countertop needs sealing, splash water on them and check whether it forms small bead-like shapes or flows freely. If the water moves freely, deliberate on sealing the surface.

Keeping Your Granite Countertops Looking Brand New 

Prevention is better than cure. Therefore, be mindful about how to care for granite countertops. The best way to keep your granite countertops looking their best is to inhibit damage from happening. However, it is worth knowing that if any damage such as chips, stains, or crack occurs, it is possible to repair or remove them.

Join the conversation and learn more on how to care for granite countertops.

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