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Marble Tops VS Marble Look-Alikes: What’s the Difference?

by | Jul 16, 2021 | Marble Countertops

Marble tops vs marble look-alikes are among the most attractive additions to kitchens and bathrooms. Their sleek and sophisticated designs make them appealing on a kitchen’s surface area. But, since marbles tend to be costly, some homeowners opt for marble look-alikes to bring their home design to life.

Marble is among the most popular stone materials in modern home designs due to its beautiful look. Notably, every marble slab is unique in patterns and color, which is why many homeowners love it. But, marble has a few drawbacks, including high costs, forcing some people to go for the look-alikes.

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Now, let’s look at the benefits of natural marble and the types of marble look-alikes.

Benefits of Natural Marble

The stunning nature of marble is something that homeowners can assume. The stone boasts a premium texture and a flexible design, making it the number one choice for homeowners. Also, natural marble is highly versatile in appearance. It comes in several colors, making it easy to find what suits your home best.

What is a Marble Look-Alike?

As the name suggests, marble look-alikes are stone alternatives that look like marble. Using advanced technologies, manufacturers can recreate the unique marble patterns and colors with other stone materials. Some types of marble look-alikes include granite countertop stone, white quartz countertops, and compact surface countertops.

Which One is Right For You? 

Choosing between marble tops vs marble look-alikes can be quite tricky. However, you can narrow down your countertop options by considering factors like your budget, home design, and preferred style. The truth is that natural marble is high-end and still better than the look-alikes. You may only opt for the alternatives when having a low budget.

R&D Marble Can Help

Now that you know the difference between marble tops vs marble look-alikes, you can make an informed decision on what’s best for you. Consider your budget, style, and availability of the pattern or color you want. Thankfully, R&D Marble can help you find a countertop material that matches your kitchen or bathroom’s style.

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