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Modern Bathroom Designs for Your Contemporary Home

by | Jun 28, 2019 | Bathroom Countertops

Particular bathroom designs fade in and out of style, but a modern look has a near-universal appeal. The sleek, minimalistic style makes the bathroom look clean and inviting without feeling too sterile.

There is no single universal idea of what a modern bathroom design looks like. However, there are certain characteristics and features that the style emulates. Why not incorporate these ideas and features into your own bathroom to complement the rest of your home?

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Simple Shapes

Simple geometric shapes, usually with rounded corners, dominate a modern restroom design. A prominent, round sink pairs nicely with an oval-shaped tub. However, rectangular fixtures work just as well in a modern bathroom if the corners are rounded. Some tubs even sport wave-like edges! The key is to keep the shapes consistent.

Smooth Stone Accessories

A modern bathroom’s color scheme relies heavily on uniform colors or subtle designs on the countertops, tubs, and showers. Fortunately, elegant stone such as cultured marble fits the bill perfectly. Its uniform off-white color and subtle patterns add the perfect finishing touch to a sleek bathroom design.

For a slightly less sterile color choice, consider cultured granite. This cast polymer stone adds a touch of soft gray to a bathroom countertop or shower. With a similar uniform pattern and smooth edges, cultured granite fits perfectly with a modern bathroom design.

Open Floor Plan

For a modern design, many homeowners like their bathrooms to feel open and roomy. While there are multiple ways to achieve this design, a few commonly seen choices include:

  • Glass walls around the shower
  • Floating vanities
  • Mirrors running the length of the room

The key is to create the illusion of the room being bigger than it truly is. Draw the eye toward open space rather than toward a single focal point.

Simple but Elegant

Most modern bathrooms avoid decorations, such as flowers or pictures, common in an old-fashioned style. For the homeowner who wants to avoid multiple small accessories but isn’t fond of the sterile look, simply incorporating more color into the design itself will work wonders. Instead of white or gray countertops or floors, consider a more colorful stone:

Any of these choices will provide your bathroom with the uniform patterns and colors common in a modern design. However, they also add a splash of color to break up the mostly-white color scheme many modern restrooms have.

Freestanding Tubs

This might require some plumbing work, but the result is sure to impress. Rather than keeping the bathtub in a corner, contemporary homeowners will sometimes opt to have the tub in the center of the master bathroom as a freestanding, bowl-like structure. Some even build the tub out of glass! This unique layout idea is sure to catch the eye and contribute to a bathroom’s open feel.

Pro Tip: For a truly unique modern bathroom design, consider having a bowl-like glass sink mounted on a stone countertop. Even in a half-bath, this will contribute to an open feel and showcase your unique design.

Modern Elegance

There is no right or wrong way to create a modern yet appealing bathroom. With these popular design trends and ideas, you can get started designing and brainstorming to fit your personal style.

Not sure how these designs will look in your home? Connect with us and browse our gallery of completed projects for more inspiration.

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