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Beautiful and Functional Countertops in a Handicap-Accessible Bathroom

by | Jun 14, 2019 | Bathroom Countertops, Handicap Accessible

For a handicap-accessible restroom, plenty of typical design choices have to change or be eliminated to accommodate a wheelchair. Thankfully, the redesigning process doesn’t have to be intimidating or difficult. With careful planning, you can make your bathroom accessible to a wheelchair-bound loved one without sacrificing functionality or appearances.

A handicap-accessible bathroom should be as convenient for a disabled person to use as possible. The countertops in particular need careful attention. Thankfully, it’s not difficult to find the ideal material and style for an ADA-compliant bathroom. Here are the primary factors to consider before you buy countertops for your remodeled bathroom.

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Remember that a handicapped person will generally be using the sink in a seated position. Consequently, the countertops should be lower than typical height. Make sure they are convenient for a wheelchair-bound loved one to use.

Pro Tip: You’ll probably have to pass on cupboards or storage under a wheelchair-accessible bathroom sink. Don’t block necessary space for a wheelchair.


Your countertop stone is important in a handicap-accessible bathroom remodeling project. Not only does a quality stone provide excellent protection and durability, but it also adds a touch of elegance to your bathroom and prevents it from feeling like a hospital facility. Choose from one of these elegant and functional styles for your new bathroom:

Additionally, remember to ask your contractor about rounded countertop corners. The smoother the edges, the less likely anyone will hurt themselves.


Bathroom storage is typically under the sink or above the toilet, neither of which works well with a handicap-accessible design. Consider investing in storage that keeps the necessary supplies close at hand but out of the way of a wheelchair. For instance, this toilet roll holder is low enough that a wheelchair user could reach it easily, while also being light enough to move out of the way if need be. Remember that your goal is both convenience and safety. Your storage and any bathroom accessories should reflect this.

Optimizing Your Bathroom for Handicap Accessibility

Creating a handicap-accessible restroom may seem restrictive, but you still have plenty of room to be creative and build a truly beautiful bathroom. Your countertop choice can add a touch of elegance while still being safe. Overall, make sure your new restroom provides the safe, comfortable experience a wheelchair user needs.

Looking for more handicap bathroom accessory or remodeling ideas? Connect with us to see how other people redid their bathrooms.

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