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A Guide to Upgrading Your Bathroom

by | Sep 20, 2019 | Bathroom Countertops, Home Renovation

How long has it been since you put some work into making your bathroom look great? Whether it was recently damaged or just looks boring now, you’ll occasionally want to invest extra time and money into an upgraded bathroom. But where to start?

Like any home improvement project, upgrading your bathroom requires a plan for the entire process and execution. Do you know what you want the finished bathroom to look like? Do you need to accommodate any specific requirements? Your plan depends on what you want from the completed project.

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What Needs Do You Have to Meet?

The first step in your project should be considering any special needs you may have to accommodate. Does anyone in your family use a wheelchair or mobility assistance device, for example? Your floor plan should follow specific guidelines to make sure they can move and use the facilities comfortably. Take any special requirements or accommodations into account and make sure you can provide your family with a comfortable experience in the newly refurbished bathroom.

What Style Do You Want?

Stylizing your bathroom involves more than just buying different towels or accessories. The design itself depends on your style. A modern bathroom design relies heavily on rounded shapes, open space, and solid colors, while a more old-fashioned design incorporates more diverse colors and eye-catching decor. Your preferred style will influence everything from the countertops you choose to the light fixtures you install.

What Fixtures Need Work or Replacing?

If a bathroom fixture (such as the faucet) works perfectly fine and meshes well with your final design idea, you have no reason to replace it. But this won’t be the case with everything in your bathroom. A damaged countertop or malfunctioning light requires replacing, as does a showerhead that works fine but clashes with your new design scheme. Take note of what bathroom fixtures you can keep and which you have to replace.

What’s Your Budget?

Lastly, how much time and money will you invest into this project? Remodeling costs add up quickly. Even if you’re not worried about money, how long will the whole job take? Set a limit of both time and costs before you get started and make sure you keep your project under budget.

Pro Tip: Save some time on your bathroom remodeling project by hiring a professional to install your new bathroom countertops. They’ll go in quickly and last for years!

Enjoy Your Upgraded Bathroom!

Whether you’re repairing a damaged restroom, helping out a family member, or just want a change, upgrading a bathroom is a rewarding task. You’re sure to enjoy your brand new fixtures, countertops, and more for years to come. Now that your plan is in place, good luck with your project!

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