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4 Ways to Protect Your Marble Countertops

by | Jan 15, 2021 | Cleaning Tips, Countertop Maintenance, Marble Countertops

Stone countertops of any color bring a classy atmosphere to the room. And for many homeowners looking for a more modern or “clean” look, marble is the perfect choice. This stone can add a tiny bit of color to an all-white bathroom or kitchen without being too jarring. But marble is a relatively delicate stone compared to granite or quartz. How can you ensure your marble countertops will last a long time with minimal issues?

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Remodeling Your Kitchen

Countertops are the crucial final piece in kitchen or restroom renovation projects. But they do more than just provide added aesthetics. Kitchen counters and bathroom vanities see a good amount of traffic and items stored on top of them. The good news is, marble can handle it–with a little help from you. Here’s how to keep your countertops in good condition:

  1. Treat unsealed countertops with care
  2. Seal the stone
  3. Protect the countertops from spills
  4. Clean the countertops regularly

1) Treat Unsealed Countertops with Care

Depending on the installation schedule, you may be left with unsealed marble countertops for a few days. This makes the stone particularly vulnerable to staining. Worse, once those stains are in place, they’ll never fully come out of an unsealed countertop. Fortunately, you shouldn’t have to deal with unsealed countertops for very long. But while you do, be very, very careful with what you put on them.

2) Seal the Stone

After the last point, this one might go without saying. But this involves more than just the first sealing right after installation. Marble countertops require periodic sealing to maintain their glossy appearance and protect them from stains or scratches. Talk to your contractor to see how often your countertops require resealing. Most of all, don’t skip or delay a resealing–it’s an important part of keeping your countertops usable.

3) Protect the Countertops from Spills

Properly sealed countertops are far less vulnerable to damage from spills. However, you should never leave a spill on the countertop for too long. Dark spills like red wine could stain if left too long, while acidic spills like vinegar or lemon juice could damage the finish. Clean up any spills promptly.

012521 unsealed countertops stained

4) Clean the Countertops Regularly

Rub the countertops with a dry microfiber cloth to remove dust as needed. For a more thorough cleaning, dampen the cloth and use a small amount of mild cleaner to wipe down the countertop. If a stain occurs, wipe up as much as you can and remove the rest with a paste of water and baking soda. NEVER use an abrasive scrubber or cleaning solution–these can damage the finish and make your countertops more vulnerable to future stains.

Take Care of Your New Kitchen

Marble countertops are an elegant addition to your home, but they will require some extra care. Research how to care for your newly renovated kitchen or bathroom to keep it sparkling and beautiful for years to come!

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