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Which Stone Should You Choose for Your Kitchen Island?

by | May 31, 2019 | Kitchen Countertops

As stone kitchen countertops increase in popularity, you may want something special for your kitchen island. The centerpiece of your kitchen deserves to stand out! You may have an idea of what stone you want to use, but don’t forget to consider a few key factors.

Your kitchen island countertop doesn’t have to have the exact same stone as the rest of the kitchen. But whatever you choose, make sure you consider the same factors as you would when installing the rest of your countertops. Every stone has its pros and cons.

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Pros: One of the most heat-resistant stones on the market today, granite continues to be a popular choice for countertop material. It’s a beautiful stone and can add significant value and elegance to your home. Perhaps best of all, its high heat tolerance lets a homeowner place a hot pot or pan directly on the countertop, making it perfect for a kitchen.

Cons: Granite is highly prized for its beauty and durability, so it can cost more than other stone countertops. Its nature also means that no one can predict the exact color or pattern you might get in a given slab, so your kitchen island may have an imperfection that stands out compared to the other countertops. Finally, while granite is quite durable in other regards, the stone is quite porous. This countertop requires regular sealing and maintenance to prevent stains.


Pros: Marble, though slightly less heat resistant than granite, can still stand up to high temperatures. This stone is also exceptionally gorgeous and highly prized as a decorative countertop material. Homeowners can add significant value to their home with a marble countertop.

Cons: Unfortunately, marble has a low threshold for staining and scratch damage. This stone is about as porous as granite and requires regular sealing and upkeep to prevent damage. As beautiful and unique as this stone is, some homeowners might find the necessary maintenance to not be worth it.

Pro Tip: Regardless of what stone you use, NEVER cut directly on your countertops with a kitchen knife. The knife will dull faster and you’re almost guaranteed to scratch the finish.


Pros: Quartz doesn’t naturally form in slabs large enough to make into countertops, so a quartz counter is engineered stone formed from crushed quartz mixed with hard resin. This makes an incredibly hard, durable countertop highly resistant to both stains and heat. Best of all, the resin seal requires almost no maintenance unless scratched. The colors and patterns are also guaranteed to be uniform.

Cons: Because quartz countertops are man-made stone, they might not have the same uniquely natural look as granite or marble. They can also end up costing about as much as granite countertops after all expenses, so for a homeowner focused on an exceptionally elegant kitchen, a truly natural stone may be a better choice.

Redecorating Your Kitchen

Beautiful stone countertops do more than just add beauty and value to your kitchen. With their highly durable and heat-resistant nature, a stone kitchen island top will last for years with proper care. Though your choice of stone should depend on how much maintenance you can provide and what your countertop will be used for, quartz countertops seem to strike the best balance between appearance, durability, and heat resistance for kitchen countertops.

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