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Granite vs Quartz Countertops: Pros and Cons

by | May 20, 2022 | Granite Countertops, Kitchen Countertops, Quartz Countertops

You may have trouble choosing granite and quartz countertops when remodeling a kitchen. While both countertop materials feature endless aesthetics, they differ in quality, durability, and lifespan. Knowing the granite vs. quartz countertops pros and cons can help you select the best material for your countertops.

Choosing a countertop material for your kitchen and bathroom goes beyond the aesthetics. You also need to consider your style and budget before selecting granite or quartz. Both materials can incorporate a modern and luxurious feel into your kitchen space. However, one is better than another in one or two ways.

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Granite and Natural Stone Countertops

Granite countertops are the number one choice for many homeowners due to their quality and durability. Pick granite if you need a solid stone material for your countertops.

Here are the pros of granite countertops.

  • High resistance to heat
  • More durable than other natural materials like marble
  • Granite countertops are available at slightly lower costs

Here are the cons of granite countertops.

  • Requires resealing annually, increasing maintenance costs
  • Cleaning granite is tricky due to its pores that can harbor bacteria
  • Granite surfaces are less resistant to cracks, chips, and scratches

Quartz (Engineered Stone) Countertops

Also known as engineered stone, quartz countertops replicate natural stone and contain quartz. Crushed granite gets combined with coloring pigment using polymer resin.

Here are the pros of quartz countertops.

  • Quartz countertops are very hygienic due to their nonporous nature
  • The countertops are more resistant to bacteria, mildew, mold, and viruses
  • Quartz is harder than granite, hence more durable and less prone to cracking
  • Unlike granite, quartz requires lower maintenance services since it’s nonporous

Here are the cons of quartz countertops.

  • Quartz is more susceptible to damage by excessive heat
  • Quartz countertops are not suitable for outdoor installation
  • The countertops are more expensive than their counterpart granite

Choosing What’s Best for Your Home

Both materials provide timeless beauty, but they also have a few drawbacks. Notably, granite can increase your home’s resale value by 25 percent. That’s why many homeowners use it in home improvement projects. The bottom line is to pick a countertop material that fits your budget and matches your home style.

Finding a Reliable Countertop Design and Installation 

Now that you understand granite vs. quartz countertops’ pros and cons, you can select an option that fulfills your needs. After doing that, you’ll need to hire a professional to help you install the countertops in your kitchen and bathroom. R&D Marble can help you install the countertop of your choice at a competitive cost.

Connect with us today for reliable and affordable countertop design and installation services.

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