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Disinfecting Your Kitchen & Bathroom Countertops

With the recent news of coronavirus (COVID-19) in effect, now is the time to disinfect your bathroom and kitchen in order to prevent the spread of sickness. You can keep your home safe from infection by keeping high traffic areas clean while you practice social distancing.

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How can you disinfect your kitchen and bathroom surfaces?

To ensure the cleanliness of your bathroom and kitchen, and to further prevent the spread of illness like COVID-19, you’ll want to make sure messes are taken care of immediately. Using the right cleaning products, disinfecting worn sponges, and keeping surfaces clean and dry as a daily practice will guarantee a safe environment for you and your family.

  1. Clean Spills & Mess Immediately
  2. Disinfect Used Sponges
  3. Cleaning Aids & Disinfectants

1) Clean Spills & Mess Immediately

Food preparation surfaces and cutting boards frequently become a messy area prone to spills. If something has been spilled on your kitchen counter from previous food prep and hasn’t dried yet, use a microfiber cloth to wipe it up to prevent it from sinking into porous surfaces like granite countertops. If it’s too late to wipe it up without residue, it’s time to get disinfecting. Allow your treated surfaces to air dry if you’re using a deodorizing solution.

2) Disinfect Used Sponges

Disinfecting wipes clean and disinfect areas quickly and effectively, but can run out just as fast. Your heavily used sponges and other cleaning products can become a breeding ground for bacteria if they aren’t disinfected properly. Make sure your cleaning products are sanitized after each use and dried thoroughly to prevent spreading bacteria. Replace your sponges and clean cloths often, at least every two weeks. 

3) Cleaning Aids & Disinfectants

There is a variety of cleaning solutions on the market for you to use to disinfect your bathroom and kitchen countertops. Do your research on using powerful chemical cleaners like chlorine bleach as a disinfectant method, as it’s best to use caution with these and tend to the specific areas like bathroom countertops

Some types of countertops only need some soap and warm water to be cleaned. For a deep clean that isn’t so harsh on the environment and your lungs, try using a white vinegar spray after your usual wipe down and drying with a paper towel, and following up with a hydrogen peroxide solution.

Pro Tip: The most effective cleaning involves sanitizing countertop surfaces before and after each use. 

A Clean & Safe Environment

Keep your family safe from the spread of coronavirus and other illnesses by regularly disinfecting your countertops in the kitchen and bathroom. If someone in your home is sick, the need for this is magnified. Also, remember to wash your hands frequently and practice social distancing during this time of the pandemic. 

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